Ways to De-Stress During Exams

Exams and tests are a routine part of a student’s life, Yet, they can cause a great deal of stress and tension too. Young and senior students alike, stress seems to have become a routine part of a student’s life. Stress can prove detrimental and can cause harm. It can lead to depression amongst students. It is important that students overcome stress to give their best in academics and score well as well as stay healthy.

Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE School in Hyderabad makes students’ life as stress-free as possible. In the case of the students of Grade X facing the CBSE Board exams, it takes special care to ensure that the students are thoroughly prepared and do well in the exams.

Firstly, it sets realistic goals for the students after considering their capabilities, attitudes and aptitudes. Mentors frame a revision time-table for all the students and care is taken to ensure that equal time is catered to all the subjects and all the concepts are thoroughly revised. Mentors reach out to Parents to keep them informed about their wards’ participation and progress in the revision classes. The students have to take two pre-board exams, much ahead of the Boards.

There are a few practices that we can adopt to help our students stay stress-free and enable them to give their best during exams.

Frame a Time Table: Setting a time table, considering such factors as difficulty level, volume of portion, ease of understanding will certainly help you to perform to your optimum. Starting revisions with ample time at hand will certainly help. Allocating time for each subject and setting realistic targets for oneself will help to revise the portions thoroughly. Mentors at Delhi School of Excellence frame time-tables for pre-boards in such a way that students get ample time to revise the portions included in the exam. Moreover, care is taken to ensure that the portions are revised extensively, so that students are well prepared.

Clarify Doubts: As you are revising, note down doubts in each subject that you may get. Make it a point to get them clarified regularly by your teachers or friends. Also note down questions that teachers discuss in class as part of their revision schedule and prepare well for them. This will come in handy. Mentors at Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad are patience personified and are groomed to be student friendly. Hence, students are encouraged to approach them any time to clarify their doubts.

Prepare a Schedule: Set a schedule with sufficient time allotted for sleep, relaxation and academic preparation. Consider setting up short-span goals. When you realise your short-span goals, it will leave you with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. This will encourage you to stick to your schedules and continue your revision, with renewed vigour.

Exercise: Make time to exercise regularly. Take minor breaks between your revision schedules. Take a walk for 10 minutes, go round the house. If you have open space around your house or a garden, walk around for 10 minutes for every hour of study you put in. Another option would be to listen to soothing music of your choice for about 10 minutes. But do not switch on the television, for it is a source of disturbance and distraction and you will end up wasting hours of precious time watching your favourite  programmes! Moreover, the strong images tend to linger on in your mind, interfering with your studies, even if you have watched a T.V. programme only for a short while. Also, avoid playing computer or video games. They hold the same attraction as the T.V. and you will waste a lot of time that can prove beneficial for revising your syllabus.

Yoga: Doing deep breathing exercises will be extremely helpful in clearing the cobwebs from your mind. Yoga is a great stress buster and helps in better retention of content learnt. But a word of warning-”Do not start learning yoga during exam time”. Instead opt to indulge in a few deep breathing exercises. It is a practice at Delhi School of Excellence to teach yoga in the work experience classes, at a young age, such that it becomes a way of life for them. Thus, students routinely practise deep breathing and yoga exercises to be rid of tension.

Sufficient Sleep Time: Make sure that you get at least 6 hours of sleep during exams. This will help you stay calm and assist in better memory and recall. While a small amount of tension will certainly pep you up, too much tension will prove detrimental. You may also consider taking short power naps between every 2 or 3 hours of study and cut down on your routine 6 hours of sleep at one stretch, during the night. Taking power naps between your study schedule will help you unwind and relax. Taking sleep breaks of 15 or 20 minutes will clear confusion from your mind and leave you feeling refreshed to continue with your studies.

Take a Proper Diet: Do not overeat but ensure that you have controlled and regular nutritious  meals at the required intervals. Take care to include fresh fruit, milk and juices in your meals. This will boost your metabolism and give you the much needed energy to stay focussed.

If you follow the steps mentioned above faithfully, students, will benefit vastly. You can prepare better for your exams and focus on your goals.

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