Using Technology in the Classrooms

In these pandemic times, is ‘Technology’ used in the classroom? The answer as we all know would be a resounding , thumping ‘Yes’! In fact, it wouldn’t be superfluous to claim in these times that there would be no schooling without technology. Today all education is online and it has been so for the past two years almost. Blackboards have given way to white boards and the children’s classroom has shrunk to the laptop or the tablet which they carry with them wherever they go. Research has proved  that the internet is having a major impact on the children’s ability to access content, resources and materials and the manner in which they are learning.

It would be appropriate to mention the name of Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad. It has three branches viz: Banjara Hills, Attapur and Manikonda. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that Delhi School of Excellence is a ‘Future Ready’ school whose mission is to mould students into ‘global citizens’ who are aware of world problems and who would be contributing to alleviate these problems using technological advancements. All the three branches boast of excellent infrastructure in terms of well equipped Science, Math and Computer labs, a well stocked library, white boards in all classrooms and ‘Tech savvy’ teachers.

Future Ready students

Studies and surveys indicate that a majority of the students feel that use of technology in the classroom helps them get ready for the future. They are willing to be engaged in the preparation of PPTs, videos etc. for they realise that this is where their educational future lies. They are aware that introducing instructional technology in the classroom at a young age can help prepare them for future digital demands.

Creates a More Involved Ambience

These two years since the onset of the COVID pandemic have proved that devices like the computer, tablet or other modes of technology can create a vibrant classroom atmosphere. Even traditionally dull subjects or abstract concepts can be converted into interesting, interactive, lively content through the use of technology aided material such as PPTs, Videos etc.

Facilitates Different Learning Styles

The fact that every child is different and unique comes true in a technology aided classroom. Use of technology enables children to learn at their own pace and to adopt styles that they find most suitable and appropriate. For Mentors too, technology serves as a handy tool for it helps them prepare lessons using many dimensions and at the same time considering the various needs of the students.

Aids Student Involvement and Collaboration

Research has proved that students tend to assist each other while accessing a technology-aided lesson, thus contributing to collaborative learning. Many technology based tasks involve other aspects, which necessarily requires the help of students or a teacher. Hitherto, learning was confined only to those who could comprehend lessons in the traditional manner and who could read and write well. But now, with the term ‘Multiple Intelligence’ gaining cognisance, learning is fast spreading to other domains and people are accepting other kinds of skills and abilities such as drawing, painting the education field. Hence, when students are involved in group tasks involving technology, every student has a role to play and no one is left behind. That is to say students who are technologically inclined can assist the others in the group and vice-versa.

Improves Student-Mentor Connectivity

More and more teachers are realising that surfing the net even occasionally is helping them connect more with their students and their colleagues, in terms of techniques and content. Moreover information on the net is regularly revised, thus leading to the latest in terms of data and statistics. Use of e-platforms such as Quizzaz, Padlet etc. will truly help Mentors connect with their students. It facilitates students to learn at their own pace and by adopting a style that is most suitable to them. Preparing technologically aided lesson plans can lead to expansion of knowledge of their subject and this can lead to a crisper, smarter, more updated lesson in class. Teachers at Delhi School of Excellence are adept at using technology in learning. It was one of the first few schools to introduce online schooling during the pandemic outbreak, even while other schools were still struggling with the idea of online teaching. Today, Delhi School of Excellence is way ahead of other schools where online teaching is concerned. It has stretched its way to involve in-house and inter-school competitions, Lectures and Seminars on topics of benefit and interest to the teachers and students to name a few areas.

Technology is here to stay, constantly evolving in terms of content and styles. The sooner we realise this and the more we use it in our classrooms, the better it will prove for all of us. Technology is the future and the future  is here! “Take the risk. Try something new. You never really know how effective a tool or approach will be until you try it. Using technology in your classroom also encourages critical thinking skills. Just dive in.” Seeking admission for your child in Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad would be a smart step in the right direction!

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