What is the Importance of Reading?

Importance of Books

“There is no friend as loyal as a book!” So goes a quote but the advent of Computers and the Net have changed things forever. Surfing, chatting, playing online games, and spending time reading worthless articles is what all of us are interested in presently. We have forgotten that reading has a number of benefits to offer. But Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad is acutely conscious of the importance of reading and it leaves no stone unturned in its endeavour to inculcate the reading habit amongst its student community.

  • When you read a book, you tend to relate to the characters, the setting, places, emotions, experiences etc. that are mentioned in the book. Thus, you tend to discover yourself through your own eyes. It broadens the dimensions of your likes and dislikes.
  • A book is a reflection of the author’s emotions, experiences, joys, pain etc. An author takes a considerable amount of time writing but we get to read it in a matter of days or weeks. Thus, we are exposed to the knowledge and understanding that would otherwise have taken us years to acquire.
  • Books deal with a lot of characters and provide exposure to the emotions that each character experiences. We tend to identify ourselves with the characters and imbibe the emotions experienced by the characters, the same as is done with a movie but at a more personal level. Thus, books help us maintain our emotional health. They act like a catharsis and help us cleanse our emotions.
  • While reading a book we need to remember a lot of details about places, characters, sequences, time periods, conversations and so on. Extensive reading helps us to improve our memory as we tend to apply the same principle regarding books to other situations too.
  • Reading books enhances our knowledge and broadens our perspective. Books are written by various authors and through their books, they share their knowledge about different people, different places, varying cultures etc. Thus when we read, we tend to assimilate all the information in the book subconsciously. This knowledge tends to stay with us. We can term this as passive but important education.
  • When we read we tend to imagine the place, the setting, the characters in our mind’s eye. This helps us improve our imagination and creativity. Books help you create a world that is beyond others’ imagination.
  • Books help you become empathetic. If you become engrossed in a book, you automatically tend to relate to the characters in the book. You tend to laugh and cry with your character! This empathy will help you become a sensitive person, aware of other people’s pain and happiness.
  • Scientific study has proved that reading books can help induce better sleep. Reading before sleep helps you become engrossed in the book and transports you away from the stress of the real world. This leads to relaxation of the mind and the body, easing your muscles to release the tension, so that you get better sleep.
  • Reading gives joy and pleasure. Books make excellent companions and with a good book in hand, you do not need to look for another source of entertainment. Moreover, books are handy and can be carried around with us wherever we go.
  • Last, but far from the least-reading improves your vocabulary, your language abilities and your communication skills. People who read extensively often become attractive, confident speakers and write well too. However, Computers and the Net seemed to have edged out the reading habit. Today, we read only when forced to, which is a sorry state of affairs.

Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad is equipped with a well-stocked library, comprising newspapers, magazines, journals, latest best-sellers, non-fiction and subject reference books. Books are sorted according to age and class. Students can borrow books every week. There is a compulsory weekly library period when students visit the library to return and borrow books. Moreover, teachers make it a habit to read stories out to students during the substitution classes. Delhi School of Excellence makes an effort to provide the best to its students.

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