Importance of Personality Development

The distinguishing features of a person make up his personality. School is not just about achieving academic excellence. Schooling has many facets to it and pursuing only one aspect of schooling to become an expert at it might lead to a lop-sided personality. School is all about exploring the different aspects of school life to strike a balance between all of them and also to find out what you are best at. Thus personality development should be given importance at the school level.

The school lays the Foundation for Personality Development of a young student. Moreover, a student spends the longest duration of education at school. Developing one’s personality at the school level gives him/her the confidence to face the world when he/she steps out of school. The school assembly, the school uniform, coming neatly dressed to school, participating and enjoying all the activities that the school has to offer, each and every aspect of school helps the child develop and hone his/her personality. When you ask yourself why students, Mentors and the Management think of only certain students to lead the school as Head boy and Head girl, you will understand how important the need for personality development is. Parents too play an important role in moulding the personality of their child.

There are certain ways and means by which we can encourage students to possess strong, positive personalities. Personality development always means developing positive qualities like courage, self-confidence, perseverance and appealing manners.

The first facet at developing one’s Personality is to develop excellent communication skills. Good interactive skills reflect lucidity of thought and a certain firmness. Mentors have a crucial role to play in helping a student develop his communication skills. Research has proved that such a person will taste success both in his personal and professional life.

Parents should avoid negative remarks and criticism against them. It must be borne in mind that whilst not giving them false praise which can be misleading. Any kind of criticism could be stated in a positive manner.

Something as simple as coming neatly groomed to school or the manner in which you sit and eat are aimed at developing one’s personality traits. At Delhi School of Excel, the Best CBSE school in Hyderabad, teachers attend workshops and lectures organised by the school management. With the skills acquired, they help students develop a strong character and stable personality over time.

Compassion for others, sensitivity, determination and the boldness to face challenges are traits that go to form a consummative personality. And it is to achieve and inculcate these traits that the school offers Intra school and Inter school literary and sports competitions. Such competitions teach us how to face adversaries and adversities and the ability to strategize and think on our feet to overcome challenges. They also help us learn our strengths and weaknesses, so that we can fortify our strengths and address our weaknesses. Delhi School of Excellence offers the ‘House’ system that offers your child opportunities to participate in various competitions and also prepare him to fight and contribute as a team player.

Admitting your child to Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad is a positive step in helping him/her imbibe a positive, commendable personality! Make the right choice today!

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