How online classes are transforming education amidst crisis?

School education is probably the most important aspect of a person’s education. Not only does school education involve learning the basics of Academics but it also entails personality development, learning values, developing aptitude for sports and games etc. Academics, at this stage, forms only  one of the important aspects of school education.

Today we are all only too familiar with the online system of education and the manner in which it has impacted our lives. Online system of education has changed the way we are learning, forever. When the COVID-19 broke out, it became apparent that with social distancing norms in vogue, we would have to adopt a different learning approach. Delhi School of Excellence, which enjoys a top ranking position as one of the best CBSE schools in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad  was one of the forerunners amongst the schools in the Twin Cities to adopt the online system of education and thus enjoyed the privilege of being able to offer the best online classroom experience. While the other schools were still grappling with the idea, Delhi School of Excellence had adapted to the online system of education seamlessly, transitioning effortlessly to the use of technology driven education, right from PP to Grade X.

With online classes having become the ‘New Normal’, students are having to adopt extremely different changes in their schedules. It was a common sight during Pre-pandemic times to see school buses plying early in the morning. But now, students find that the school has come right into their drawing rooms or their bedrooms. There is a change in their waking time. Moreover, with classes being scheduled for shorter durations in most schools, their life-style patterns have changed too!

Additionally, most schools are trying to make online classes ‘comfortable’ for their students. This is due to two reasons. With parents and grandparents being present at home, teachers find that there is a second set of ‘students’ now. Secondly, teachers being sensitive, they are trying to make allowances for the students. Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, is forever putting in efforts to streamline matters. The school has arranged for many workshops and teachers are constantly being guided to receive tips and suggestions on how to deal with the students-i.e.gentle yet firm! As part of this endeavour, teachers frequently use energizers to break the ennui of online classes.

Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad constantly encourages its teachers to utilise various platforms such as online quiz to promote both teaching and learning. It also makes efforts to reduce screen time. There are an increasing number of AI-driven learning platforms that are helping schools impart education. These platforms, with their easy accessibility, help many students to get the required training. For example, if there is a lesson on some tribes in Chattisgarh, students are encouraged to get information about their style of dressing, their traditions etc and the lesson is conducted through these students demonstrating the various aspects of the lesson.

Previously, students used to spend most of their time at school and get less time at home. With the lockdown. But now, children stay at home and connect with their parents as well. While the online classes take care of the academics, students are getting value education at home. For instance, whenever they see their parents involved in chores, they try to help them with their contribution. In this manner, they are learning the values of responsibility and independence. Apart from this, parents are also trying to engage children with exciting activities at home.

Online classes did not stop with academics alone. They have been extended to organising intra and inter-school competitions! A point to note with such activities is that students who were hitherto introverted are now willingly participating and also winning laurels for themselves and their schools. Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad provides consistent support, guidance and encouragement  to its students, to participate and bloom!

As a whole, the experience of online education is proving to be beneficial for both parents and their children. Before the pandemic, technology in school was used only to supplement and aid the teachers’ lessons. Now, online classes have become a routine part of life. With the initiation of the online teaching system, schools are still functioning, different from each other in many ways but similar to others in some ways. We, at Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad,  are contributing our best efforts to ensure that students have an enjoyable learning experience and do not lag with their curriculum. ‘Until it is safe to step out of homes, online classes will continue to work as a blessing in disguise.’ Make a wise decision today- enrol your child in the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, Delhi School of Excellence!

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