Importance of Holiday Homework

Gone are the days when kids used to spend their vacation time in a care-free manner, without a worry in the world! With flats and apartments becoming the norm of the day and with most parents becoming working parents, more and more it is seen that kids are being left to their own devices, to find entertainment and engage themselves. Thus, with time on hands and without any constructive activity to involve themselves in, children are turning to the TV, their computers and their mobiles to spend time. There are also instances when parents themselves are asking the school and teachers to give their children Holiday Homework, so that they can be gainfully engaged for sometime at least. Hence, Holiday Homework has become inevitable and what’s more it is here to stay!

Is Holiday Homework really good? Does it serve any good? What purpose does it serve? Let us take a look at the advantages of setting children Holiday Homework during vacations.

Delhi School of  Excellence, enjoys a top ranking position as one of the best CBSE schools in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad. It was one of the forerunners amongst the schools in the Twin Cities to adopt the online system of education and thus enjoyed the privilege of being able to offer the best online classroom experience.

Holiday Homework  has always been a tradition at Delhi School of Excellence. The Management and the Faculty opine that Holiday Homework reinforces the concepts taught and makes learning and comprehension of difficult concepts easier. We list out the various reasons, showcasing the benefits of Holiday Homework.

Quality learning time: Holiday Homework helps students learn and practice difficult concepts taught during the year that have life-long importance and will benefit the students in their future years. They can deal with this learning without pressure and at a steady pace.

Ensures Continuity: Research has proved that students who attend to a little academic work every day, steadily, find it easier to cope with the challenges of academic work when compared with those students who tend to do away with academic work completely during vacations. Thus, Holiday Homework ensures that students attend a certain amount of academic work for a fixed time regularly.

Healthy Routine: Attending and attempting a fixed routine always ensures good health, both physically and mentally. Following a routine ensures that children adhere to a fixed schedule which will keep their minds away from confusion.

Teaches Value of Time:   ‘All play and no work makes Jack fritter away his valuable time’! Rather than allow your child to spend the entire day in play, a certain amount of academic work is set at a fixed time every day which will help your child learn the value of time. He will learn to respect both his play time as well as his study time if you introduce him to a fixed routine. Setting realistic, achievable academic targets for him to realise would be even better! This would help him learn to honour deadlines and learn and appreciate the value of time.

Teaches Independent Work: At home, your child is working alone and independently without the supervision and guidance of the Mentor and the support and companionship of his classmates. So attending Holiday Assignments calls for creativity and independence from the student and fosters  a sense of freedom in the minds of the students. It teaches your child to work independently. This can prove to be a great confidence booster, particularly when it is coupled with positive results and can encourage the child to work independently.

Fosters Togetherness: Holiday Homework can be fun family time! Your child doesn’t have to sit in a closed room to do his homework. He can sit at the dining table to do his homework or in the verandah with the family around him. This will ensure the warmth and the much needed family time that is so essential. Sometimes, the parents can get involved and help their child do the holiday homework and this will ensure that the bonding between family members becomes stronger.  Hence, we find that Holiday homework is a great way to nurture quality family time.

Thus, we find that Holiday Homework is truly beneficial and features a lot of advantages. Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, differs from other schools in the quality of the Homework that it sets the students. Extensive reading of stories and then writing them out in their own words, memorising multiplication tables, solving sums, practical demos of science experiments followed by recording the observations, maintaining journals while travelling are some of the fun Holiday Homework assignments that students are given during vacations. They are the perfect amalgamation of work and enjoyment. Such features make Delhi School of Excellence the best school to be in. There are three branches at Banjara Hills, Attapur or Manikonda. All three are equally good. Come to Delhi School of Excellence and be assured that your children are pursuing their education at one of the Best CBSE schools in Hyderabad.

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