Importance of Sports and Games for a Student!

In India, Academics is given extreme importance. Parents consider that excelling in academics is the only way to secure their child’s future. So, children from a very young age are driven to excel in academics. Sports come a poor second to academics. In fact, sports as a career is not acceptable to many parents. The burgeoning population, cut throat competition to secure admissions in college are other reasons why sports are frowned upon! Moreover, we are a cricket crazy nation and all other sports receive step motherly treatment. But sports have a number of benefits to offer.

Sports and games help you lead a disciplined life. Sports is a crucial aspect of a student’s life and should never be ignored. It helps you in personality development and moreover, with flats and apartments increasing in number, the children are deprived of a playground. Thus all schools should compulsorily be equipped with playing areas and qualified, well-experienced Physical Education Trainers. Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, has an adequate play area and a basketball court. Students of the Primary classes have a separate play area.

Sports increase confidence and risk taking abilities! Sports give your body the required exercise. With regular exercise, good coaching and rigorous practice, you gain confidence in your own abilities. When you play against your opponents, you take the match as a challenge. This boosts your risk- taking abilities!

Be it academics or sports, nobody likes to lose. Sports give impetus to your competitive spirit! Every time you play a match, you play to win. Nobody rests on his laurels. Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, organises regular Intra School Competitions and encourages students to participate in all the Inter School Competitions.

Team sports and games foster Team Spirit. The playground is the perfect place to hone one’s team spirit. Team sports inculcate friendship, co-operation, the willingness to contribute your best to the team. Playing games is a great task and one needs to get familiar with this! All these traits and qualities are essential to succeed in every walk of life. So, being a team player is all about learning to tread the path of success in life! Delhi School of Excellence takes pride in training teams by providing practice throughout.

Health is the best wealth! The sedentary life-styles, consumption of junk food and aerated drinks; and lack of play grounds are making most of the youth obese. In such a scenario, playing sports and games is a sure way to improve your health. Sports provide regular exercise and keep you fit. Sports equals Speed! You need to think as you play-on your toes! Thus sports and games keep your body agile and mentally alert. You will find that you are able to judge situations better and enable you to make the right decisions at work and in life. Delhi School of Excellence insists on Mentors assisting the students who have missed classes due to their commitment to sports.

Sports and games can help you become a leader. Sports require a certain amount of aggression and the toughness to overcome challenges and win. Thus, you adopt certain traits and qualities that will help you succeed as a sportsperson. ‘Sports teaches you to aim high, build a strategy / plan and execute it by taking your team along to achieve it. Nothing can parallel sports when it comes to teaching leadership. If you want your kids to become leaders, make sure they get into sports early on.
Delhi School of Excellence has an active ‘Student Cabinet’! Cabinet Members are elected by students who do so by exercising their right to vote. The posts do not seek academic excellence alone but a well-rounded personality. And sports play a very important role at this juncture.
Delhi School of Excellence will help your child inculcate and imbibe all the essential features that will enable your child to become an ‘All Rounder.’ The choice is yours!

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