Do Students Need Technology in the Classroom?

Like it or hate it, Technology is here to stay. The advent of Computers and the Net have changed our perceptions about our life, the world, entertainment etc. Thus, it makes sense to allow it into our classrooms and use it to enrich our teaching. Logically speaking, students have already been using smart-phones, Tablets etc. as tools in their academic learning albeit outside school. So, using technology as an assistant and a handy tool in learning makes perfect sense.

The outbreak of the epidemic has changed the way we are learning and our perception of academic learning forever. Teachers have successfully confronted many challenges with online teaching that they might not even have dreamt of. There is definitely a transition of the teacher from just being an academic conduit to a facilitator. At Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, it was a common practice for teachers to use Technology in the classrooms.

White Boards have been in vogue at Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad since the inception of the school. Teachers of Delhi School of Excellence have always used PPTs, News Clippings and Movie Clippings to make their classes interactive and interesting. So, the question would appear redundant, in a way. COVID-19 has only ensured that we have converted real classrooms into virtual ones. We feel proud that Delhi School of Excellence was one of the first few schools to adopt online schooling, which deserves special mention!

There are some concepts in all subjects which are abstract and left to the imagination of the students. Until now plasticine models were being used to explain some concepts . However, computers have changed this forever. Students can now view the 3- dimensional model clearly on the screen and follow its functioning. It is true for all subjects and is not restricted to any one subject. This enables a more effective lesson for the teacher and better comprehension for the students.

A great advantage is that a student can learn the concept at his own pace. Abstract concepts, models and their functioning are just a click away. The use of technology encourages self-paced learning. Further, teachers can also guide students with challenging exercises online and help them catch up on many programmes for immediate reference to what the learner is asking for.

The use of technology in education ensures that learning is not limited to the classroom walls. ‘It leads to interactive learning, since students can now reach out to other students, even in the remotest part of the world. For example, a student in a rural part of the country can learn and exchange ideas with a student in the city with the right use of technology that minimises learning space and bridges the gap.

Use of technology saves the burden of carrying or purchasing voluminous, expensive books. A single CD can contain all the information pertaining to a concept or a lesson. This is certainly an environment- friendly step saving trees which is the need of the hour! Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad has always followed this practice.

Delhi School of Excellence is a ‘Future Ready’ school. It aims to mould students into global citizens who will contribute their mite to make the world a better place to live in! Technology in the classroom prepares students for the future. Since they are already familiar with technology, the transition to pursuing higher education or choosing a career will be smooth and without any glitches!

‘The introduction of technology in teaching has gained wider significance. When you select a school for your child, you must ensure that your child will get to learn with the use of technology. Choose a school where technology can give wings to your child’s dreams.’ Thus, considering all the above factors, Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE School in Hyderabad, should be your natural choice!