Reimagining Education through Technology

Using Technology in School Education.
COVID-19 has catapulted technology and digilatised learning right into our drawing rooms and our bedrooms! Technology in learning is here to stay, whether we like it or not. In fact, starting with the smart TV, washing machines, laptops to smart-phones, we are accustomed to all types of gadgets powered by technology. Technology in education makes learning fun by making the classrooms interactive. Advanced technologies make education easier, active and accessible. In fact, all classrooms at Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, are equipped with White Boards with active Net connection.

  • Technology can be used as a three pronged strategy-as a tutor, as a teaching tool and a learning tool. Technology makes it easier to update information unlike a printed textbook. It enables students to access up-to-date information in a quicker and easier way. It is no wonder then that the students at Delhi School of Excellence are well informed and better prepared with their lessons.
  • Classroom technology has transformed teachers into facilitators who encourage and guide students to be self-learners. Students need not pay much money towards digitized learning material. Thus, it proves to be cost effective. If there is net connectivity, even students in remote corners can access the information. Thus, it makes learning joyous and truly global. It is a given practice at Delhi School of Excellence to revise and recapitulate lessons through using e-learning platforms.
  • Students can easily find e-books, revision material, sample papers and previous year question papers on the internet that can be used to improve their knowledge base and make it easier to prepare and revise for exams. Most importantly, students can learn at their own pace.
  • Technology makes it convenient for students to access their lessons from anywhere and in comfort. Thus they do not need special classrooms to pursue their digital lessons.
  • ‘The use of audio and visual materials makes it easy for the student to comprehend theoretical concepts along with understanding the practical aspects. Apart from this, new technology has made it easier for differently-abled students to gain knowledge. They can use computers, visual material and many technological tools to learn despite their disability. There are arrays of effective and handy learning tools for differently-abled students.’
  • Distance is no longer a constraint for learners. They can access classes from anywhere. It is now possible to attend to digital modules of lessons according to one’s schedule and convenience. This facility is also being utilised by working professionals to receive education and enhance their skills. The above -mentioned  facilities are being extensively used by Delhi School of Excellence during COVID times. In fact, Delhi School of Excellence was a forerunner in introducing online classes with the outbreak of the epidemic.
  • Another major advantage with digital learning is that Home-work, Assignments, Project-work, Notes can be posted to the parents. This will help involve and inform Parents about their wards’ performance and progress at school. This is a normal practice at Delhi School of Excellence.
  • Platforms like Padlet, Kahoot, Quiziz and Classroom screen apps for conducting quiz etc make it easier for teachers to teach difficult and abstract concepts. The platforms also help them get an instant feedback  which reveal the comprehension levels of the students. At Delhi School of Excellence, the Practice of using technological platforms to make learning fun and interactive is highly encouraged and constantly used!
  • Another highly appreciable advantage of digitalised learning is that the students could participate in online competitions pan India! Delhi School of Excellence, the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, went a step further by organising rigorous practice sessions for participants from its school. Thus, it was found that students participated in more competitions than normally. And since they were pitted against competitors spanning India, they accrued vast exposure.
  • It is apparent that Delhi School of Excellence, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, is a future-ready school. It would prove beneficial and advantageous to admit your child in Delhi School of Excellence.