How many of us have not grown up listening to the old quote ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?’

Truer words cannot be said and that is why DSE gives a lot of importance to Sports, Games and Physical Education in its Curriculum.

 Our students are coached in a variety of games indigenous to our country like Kho-Kho and Kabaddi. More popular games like Basket Ball, Cricket, Throw ball and Volley ball are taken up right from the Primary level.

Indoor games like Carrom, Chess and Table Tennis are played and students are trained to master them.

The most highly anticipated Period of the week, the PT class, is dear to every child’s heart and eagerly looked forward to.

A special emphasis is also placed on creating awareness about healthy living and making it a lifestyle. Therefore, all the students from Grade V to Grade X are mandated to attend the Yoga class scheduled for the week.

Not only are Inter House Sports Competitions held but our students are trained m, motivated and encouraged to participate in Inter School Competitions.


Delhi School of Excellence observed the International Yoga Day based on the theme “Yoga For Humanity” on 21 June 2022.The program started with a mellifluous rendition and proceeded with a soul filling performance of yoga asanas that captured the audience and inspired them to pursue yoga. The entire show enraptured one and all with the various asanas culminating into the students forming the word YOGA. The twist and whirl of the rhythmic dance portrayed along with a classical blend sketched the flexibility of yoga asanas and the soothing effect it brings to one’s mind, soul and body.

The assembly not only enlightened the audience with surprising facts about yoga but also made one aware that yoga is for serenity of mind, clarity in speech, perfection of health thereby leading to a virtuous life – a tribute to those great sages who devised Yoga as a way of life. 

Glimpses of our Sports Meet