DSE enables a conducive environment to maximise learning, yet providing students space to learn at their own pace. The school offers thematic learning and follows CBSE curriculum and the activity – based culture adopted, plays a vital role. DSE identifies and nurtures the child’s skills, instils a sense of social responsibility and hones students into global citizens.

Child – Centered Philosophy

At DSE, learning is child-centric and has a practical approach to the theoretical inputs in today’s dynamic global scenario.

Trained and Experienced Teaching Faculty

Advanced equipment and teaching tools apart, the teacher remains the guiding force at DSE. Teachers are not only well qualified but trained to be empathetic and sensitive to the students’ needs at all times. 

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A Different Approach

DSE provides a variety of learning experiences which promote integrated growth in all areas – physical, intellectual, moral or social. The school goes beyond the regular classes and teaching.