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Pre Primary Open House

DSE, Manikonda campus saw enthusiastic Pre Primary children guiding their parents to their respective classrooms. The corridor was filled with eager parents and disciplined children waiting for their turns to participate in the “Open House” held on 10th September 2022.
Open house is a self-evaluation process where the parents get to witness their child exhibiting his/her understanding towards of all the concepts that were introduced during the session. PP Coordinator, Ms. Sugra and her segment teachers very meticulously planned each activity.
Parents were wonderstuck to see their ward giving the self-introduction confidently and fluently. Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills were evaluated with exciting backward counting Math activity. Parents were astounded on seeing their child solve the three letter crossword puzzle using the hints provided. Recognition of letters, shapes and colours were also evaluated.
Children were distributed toffies at the end of the event for their outstanding performance. Parents appreciated teachers for their patience, guidance and for the interesting activities. They extended their sincere thanks to The DSE Management for giving the opportunity to witness their child’s progress.

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