“It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.” Gianni Versace

The students of Delhi school of Excellence, Banjara Hills participated in VISMAY Competitions conducted by Army Public School on 31st July, 2021. The students participated in various events showcasing their talent. Pahal Toshniwal danced her way to the 2nd prize in Whirl and Twirl dance competition while Mohammed Ikraam won the 3rd prized in poetry recitation event. Ishita Mishra did a splendid job in reciting poetry in English and Viha Agarwal participated in Hindi poetry recitation. Aarush Narkhede showed his talent in using building blocks in Bob the Builder event and Mithali Mangal brought an interesting story alive by using puppets in puppet show. Her beautiful costume and mesmerizing story telling skills pleased everyone. Karthik Suppala displayed face painting skills while Sampath Pranav Palepu entertained with his Eco Rap song. Rishita Singham Shetty used props and excellent voice modulation and expressions to narrate an age-old tale with an expected twist. Tejaswi Barik showed uniqueness of India in an eye-catching doodle art creation. Tanmayee Raichooti created a very interesting and topical theme in cartoon competition based on the theme of legendary cartoonist R.L Laxman’s creations. These competitions brought out the best in them – showing their creativity, perseverance and zest to excel

Rhetoric Rhapsody Competition

Anaisha Toshniwal
Arisha Baig
Maan Nahata
Lakshit Singh

Hireesha Competition

Hiya Sanghavi
Virat Surana
Vedan Surana

Vismay Competitions

Rishita Singam Shetty
Ishita Mishra
Aarush Narkhede
Pahal Toshniwal
Mithali Mangal
Sampath Pranav Palepu


Anooradha KNSS
Siddhiksha Muthyal
Maan Nahata
Naman Rathi
Anaisha Toshniwal
Fariha Tabassum
Anadjot Singh Kambo

Sanskriti Competition(Shri Utsav -Shri Ram Universal School)

Veer Nahata -Nanhe Chatore
Role Play (Vibhu Kiran Ponnada, Ananya P.Kashyap,Tejus Bhushan, Anika Deshpande
Indian Folk Dance(Kerala)(Saesha Jain,Musheera Tahira ,Vihana Vishal Giani)
Wah kya baat hai (Manipuri Dance) - Aadya Rao katta
Inaya Mohsin -Nanhe Chatore
Wah kya baat hai(Bengali Dance) -Tayesha Basu Dhar

Sanskriti Competition (Shri Utsav -Shri Ram Universal School)