Videos 2017 - 2018 

Teachers' Day Celebrations

Pre-primary Blue color Day

The 'Fun'tastic Five

Telugu Diwas Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations


Family Bonanza

Imagination to Innovation

Grade IC Assembly Pre primary
Green Color Day
Frolic Gambol -
Investiture Ceremony -2017-18

Rapid Sway -
Investiture Ceremony -2017-18



Videos 2016 - 2017 

Swami & Friends

Science Day Celebrations

CEREBRATE - Academic Fair

Grand Parents Day K - O - TREAT Salad and Cup Cake Rejoice - Annual Day
Basking in the Basket Glory Family Bonanza Academic Fair Investiture Ceremony 16 -17
Assembly on Life Skills Graduation Day Raftaar - Sports Day 15-16 STEM
2015-16 Assemblies Independence Day The Beautiful World Inter House Dance
Dance with me, Sway with me Urdu Assembly Gandhi Jayanthi Hindi Diwas
School Achievements ..... Kaleidoscope - Annual Day 14-15 Jashn - Annual Day 13-14