Grade IA Assembly – Power Music -Karadi Song

Morning Assemblies - The Need of the Day

At DSE, the first lesson is discipline. The arena to kick-start our day in a disciplined manner is the Morning Assembly.

Prayer is nothing but a purification of one’s mind. Noble thoughts alone can make a mind pure.

The morning assembly starts with the school song where each line is a plea for noble and greater things to come to us . . .  a prayer to the Almighty to manifest in our words and deeds.

The silent prayer or meditation for two minutes is the most fruitful and an important activity in our morning assembly. It has immense value and a right platform to begin the day with positive thoughts.

Classroom is only a cross section of the world outside and we need to integrate our knowledge with the life outside. Hence, very thought-provoking and creative class assemblies are presented during this precious time. The following schedule is being followed by all the HRTs.

Monday - Language & Literature
Tuesday - Math, Science or Sports
Wednesday - Drill or Zumba
Thursday - Patriotic song & Quiz
Friday - India and the world

Apart from these, the school emphasizes on  ‘Special Assemblies’ on exceptional days to make the students aware of the social & cultural concerns of India and the world.
One should remember that the school is a small world and the world is a very big school. Hence, News reading that is being presented every morning makes one understand what happens in the world outside before the day begins.
The pledge is to remind their duties as the citizens of the country. National anthem is sung to close the morning assembly.
The culmination of the morning assembly is the marching tune of dispersal.

Class Assembly 2018 - 2019 (Term I)

Grade XA Assembly  – Emotional Values

Grade XB Assembly – Moral Values

Grade IX A Assembly – Yesterday…Today….Tomorrow

Bastille Day Celebrations -French Assembly

EID Celebrations -Urdu Assembly

The break of day at Delhi School of Excellence saw a spell binding Eid Celebrations during the morning assembly. The students and staff of Delhi school of Excellence, Banjara Hills celebrated the festival Ramzan with great fervor and enthusiasm. The students were dressed in their traditional attire and recited verses from the Quran as per the Islamic tradition. The arena filled with cultural depiction of the rich language URDU. The celebrations helped the young minds develop an awareness of customs and traditions.

Grade VII A Assembly- Don’t worry be happy

Grade VII B Assembly- Show Respect

Grade II A Assembly- Hard work Leads to success

PP I A Assembly- Fruits

Grade VI A Assembly- Honesty is the best Policy

Grade PP II A Assembly- Stay Healthy Stay Clean

Grade VI B  Assembly- Kindness

Grade II C Assembly- Punctuality

Grade IA Assembly – Power Music – Karadi Song

Grade PPIIB Assembly – Healthy Food Vs Junk Food

Class Assembly 2017 - 2018 (Term II)

Grade II C – Classroom Values 

Grade III C – Sharing is Caring

Grade IX A – A Girl’s Dayout – Class Assembly 2017-18

Grade IX B – Class Assembly 2017-18

Preprimary – Class Assembly 2017-18

Class Assembly 2017 - 2018 (Term I)

Bastille Day- 2017-18

National Paper Bag Day – 2017-18

A special assembly was conducted on the occasion of International Paper Bag Day on July 12th to demonstrate the usage of paper bags and recycle papers to produce artifacts.

The students conveyed the message that there is a need to protect the natural resources and highlighted the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle paper.

An interactive quiz on paper was conducted providing an insight to the students on the various aspects of paper.

The students also created awareness about the WOW (Wellness Out Of Waste) programme initiated by ITC and GHMC.

The assembly concluded with the thought of popularizing paper bags instead of Plastic bags.


EID Celebrations – Urdu Assembly 2017-18

Telugu Diwas Celebrations – Telugu Assembly 2017-18



Hindi Diwas Celebrations – Hindi Assembly 2017-18

Christmas Celebration- 2017-18

Sankranti Celebrations- 2017-18


Grade X Assembly – 2017-18 – beti bachao beti padhao

Enlighten the Quotes – William Shakespeare


Grade IB Assembly 2017 -18

Grade IC – Assembly -2017-18

Grade II A – Assembly 2017-18

Grade VIII A Assembly – Daffodils at DSE

Grade IIB Class Assembly 2017 -18

Grade VIII B – Class Assembly – 2017-18


Class VII A  – Class Assembly  – Indian Literature


Grade VII B  Assembly – Importance of Raksha Bandhan

Grade IX B –  Hyderabad Culture – 2017-18



Grade II C – Assembly – 2017 -18

Grade VI A –  Recreating the Magic  Of  Malgudi – 2017-18

Grade VI B –  Punctuality@ DSE – 2017-18

Grade V A –  Save Environment Save Trees