Principal's Desk

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
                                                        – George Bernard Shaw

The vision of the school is to create holistic individuals for a global world and the only way to achieve it is through change which leads to inner progress.
The theme of this year’s school magazine is ‘Progress’ and by progress I just don’t mean material change, it means internal and absolute change which is intangible.
Deesians are groomed to face the challenges of the world in all aspects. While they are prepared to face tough competitions in the race to progress, at the same time respect for values, emotions and ethics are taught. This is one step towards progress which leads to becoming a better human being and to make the world a better place to live.
I believe that progress is multi-dimensional, and the progress that I look forth in my students is internal, which is the foundation of human values much needed in a society moving at a jet speed. This progress would guide students and generations going ahead towards creating a better world for everyone. It is very important that we as educators emphasize more on the deeper aspect of progress for our children, so that they are placed better to handle situations which demand intervention of the human heart than the mind rather than focusing only on academic excellence.

Our Mission:  Striving relentlessly to realize the vision by making the best use of quality infrastructure, vital resources and committed faculty.

Our Vision: To educate young minds and foster ethical, social and moral values through holistic learning and groom them into responsible global citizens.