New Initiatives

Invigilator Less Examination -

Research has shown clearly for years that many of the practices that are held tightly by traditional schools are flawed and even harmful to continue. Yet most people continue to embrace traditional education models as the “right” way.The values and attitudes we live by affect how we relate to other people and to all our activities in the environment, and so are a major influence on our prospects for achieving a sustainable future. Although they cannot be separated from cognitive understanding, values and attitudes relate to the affective (or emotional) dimension of human behavior. While values and attitudes are similar in this regard, they differ in several important ways. An opportunity to consider the importance of human values and attitudes in shaping the future triggered the idea of an Invigilator Less Examination in schools. The process also provides ideas and examples for two categories of strategies for exploring values in the classroom – values clarification and values analysis. Helping students to better understand the values that guide their own daily lives, and contribute to changes in values held collectively by communities and personally by individuals. It has helped students not only in inculcating the value of honesty & integrity but also in imbibing in them the art of self-control and confidence. The students apart, the beneficiaries are also the Teachers and the parents. The main objective of this type of assessment practice is to give students an opportunity to live their values - in this case honesty, truthfulness, and self discipline. To show them that we trust them. The impact is a rise in self esteem in students, improvement in student teacher relationship. Students get a trouble-free environment to answer examinations. Its time we make a learn shift to listen to the inner voice as we are assessed and give importance to the obedience of self-assessment than opting to be assessed by else.

Power English - PP I - Grades II

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills has taken up a new initiative by introducing Power English from Grades PP1 to 2.  Power English is a product of Karadipath Education Company.

The core of the Karadi Path methodology lies in the natural way we acquire languages, whether it is the mother tongue or languages that we constantly hear around us.

Power English curriculum is designed to help the child:

  • Become a fluent, eloquent and expressive user of English
  • Acquire English in an enjoyable manner
  • Develop an interest in arts and aesthetics
  • Develop English Proficiency across all the subjects and in the area of creative thinking

The teachers handling Power English classes have been trained by professional Karadi path experts and they have been equipped with the methodology required to conduct the sessions efficiently in the classrooms. The students are exposed to various language learning experiences like recitation, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, etc.  Each student is provided with a student kit comprising of story books, assigned for their level. The Power English sessions are also provided to the parents in the form of DVD’s and an app on android phones to follow up at home.

To sum it up, Power English provides effective and effortless language acceleration in the journey of education.

Address Health

Being healthy is a lifestyle and we at DSE Banjara Hills truly believe in it. Address Health is a new initiative started by our school which promotes the understanding and importance of healthy living among children. It explains a mix of situations and has activities to teach important concepts in an engaging manner. Through this methodology children recall the concepts better and choose a healthier way of life .Doctors, dietician and experts in the fields of health visit the school as resource persons to interact with the students on various topics that encourage good health leading to happy living. The different topics taken are Our Body, Dental Health, Mindful Living, Diseases, Good Habits and Staying Safe.

Healthy lifestyle not only changes your body but also your attitude towards life thereby spreading happiness.

IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, IVA, IVB My Body Dr Manjula Learnt about oral hygiene and care
VA My Body Dr Manjula Learnt about pimples and its care
VB , VC, VIA Dental Care Dr Nishant Learnt about oral cavities and its care
VIB, VIC My Body Dr Manjula Learnt about asthma and its care
VIIA Dental Care Dr Nishant Learnt about cavities and ways to avoid it
VIIB My Body Dr Manjula Learnt about epilepsy and fits first aid
VIIIA Dental Care Dr Nishant Learnt about teeth and its care
VIIIB My Body Dr Manjula Learnt about bad effects of tobacco

IIIA, IIIB,IIIC, IVA, IVB, VA,VIIB,VIIIB Dental Care Dr Nishanth Learnt about oral cavities and its care
VB ,VIA My Body Dr Sindhu Learnt about oral cavities and its care
VC My Body Dr Lakshmikanth Learnt about oral cavities and its care
VIB Dental Care Dr Nishanth Learnt about oral cavities and its care
VIC Dental Care Dr Nishanth Learnt about oral cavities and its care
VIIA My Body Dr Lakshmikanth  Learnt about first aid for epilepsy
VIIIA My Body Dr Lakshmikanth  Learnt about effects of tobacco

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is one of the fastest growing sports in Asia, as well as many other parts of the world. The gravity-defying kicks, contorted aerial twists, turns of the body and the blinding speed of play astound spectators worldwide. Sepak takraw is played between two teams of three players; the left inside, right inside and back. The court is about the same size as a badminton court (20 by 44 feet) and the net is 1.52 metres high. Traditionally balls were hand-woven from bamboo or rattan, but most modern ones are synthetic. Basic rules and scoring are similar to volleyball. Each team is allowed a maximum of three touches of the ball to get it back over the net to the other side without letting it touch the ground. The first team to score either 15 or 21 points, depending on the rules in play, wins the set. The team that prevails in two sets wins the match. Play starts when the server is tossed the grapefruit-sized ball by a teammate while keeping one foot in a small 'serving circle'. He then must kick the ball over the net with the other foot. After that, volleyball rules pretty much apply, except for the fact that the ball can't be touched by the hands or arms. Sepak takraw players have to combine great foot-eye coordination with quickness, anticipation, power, flexibility, and acrobatic skills.


Archery was first included as an Olympic sport. Archery has specific techniques like how your feet should be placed, how far to pull the string back, and how to aim.
Competitive archery – that is, archery that involves archers aiming arrows at a target – has various forms, but all have the same aim: to shoot your arrows as close to the centre of the target as possible. While clearly only one archer holds a bow at once, both individual and team competitions are undertaken. The bowstring may have any number of strands as long as it fits the bow, and an adjustable arrow rest and a bow sight may also be used. There is little restriction over the types of arrows used, other than those that may cause undue damage to targets,
The target itself varies in size –those used in Olympic archery events measure 122cm in diameter – but all contain 10 concentric rings which represent the different scoring sectors. The outermost two rings (called one ring and two ring) are white, three and four are black, five and six are blue, seven and eight are red and nine and ten – the innermost rings – are gold. Ten ring also has an inner ring (known as “inner 10” or “X ring”) which is sometimes used to decide ties.
Scoring in archery is very simple: you just add up the number of points based on where your arrows hit the target. The highest score for a single arrow is 10 for hitting the inner gold ring, while the least (for hitting the outer white ring) is one point. Arrows missing the target altogether do not score at all.

New Initiatives 2017 -18

Sandesh to Soldiers - School Social Responsibility

The campaign taken up by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi about sending greetings to the soldiers on the border to boost their morale on the occasion of Diwali was so inspirational that DSE Banjara decided to make this initiative as a learning enhancement for all students as well as develop a sense of patriotism and oneness among everyone.  Hence during the morning assembly the students were addressed about the importance of the initiative and encouragement was given to the students for penning down their feelings for the soldiers on a postcard. The response from the students was overwhelming and heart touching.

Indian Development Foundation -IDF

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills always aims at the vision of providing holistic development among their students. Keeping this in view school always ensures to take up new initiatives and providing a scope to their students in learning new concepts and values.  The Indian Development Foundation is an organization who works for the benefit of children who are abandoned and lack the capacity to go to school. Balagurukuls for them is being set up and they take care of the students who are suffering from Leprosy and TB.  To impart the value of sharing and caring and respecting others the students were sensitized to understand the importance of this organization and contribute their best for the same.

Pre-primary - Open House

A creative approach taken up by DSE Banjara Hills is ‘Open House’ which enables the parents to have a soothing sensation by learning about the progress of their children in the pre-primary segment. Most of them are apprehensive about the tiny toddlers and their education at school. Very few children are expressive at home and tell parents about what they have learnt. Hence this opportunity helps the parents to interact on one on one basis with the child and understand the knowledge inculcated by the child during his transactions in the class room through activities displayed by them.

Blood Donation


The quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi is judiciously followed by Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills and keeping this in view students are encouraged to participate in the blood donation camp and understand that life revolves round the concept of give and take always.  This initiative enabled the children to empathize with others and give whatever they could to the society.

Demonetization - Lesson in Financial Literacy

The motto of Indian government is to provide education to all and ensure that primary education is reached to one and all.  Taking this as an inspiration DSE, Banjara Hills took a small step towards the same by encouraging grade X students to conduct sessions for the sub-staff in the school by enabling them to understand the recent changes like demonetization and teaching them basic learning concepts. Further to test the same the sub- staff were given opportunity to present their learning skills in the fields they were involved in and trying their best in communicating in English with the faculty members.

Karo Sambhav Programme

Karo Sambhav is an initiative which deals with the segregation of Electronic Waste from the normal waste and recycling of the same. DSE Banjara Hills was inspired with this initiative and took an active step in inculcating the values among their students about the disposal of the E-Waste and how to help the c, untry follow the principles of Swacch Bharat.  As part of this initiative an organization was invited to school which conducted a workshop for the teachers to make them aware of the harmful effects of E-Waste and guided them through certain projects which they could initiate in the class and make students aware of the same. Ultimately the students could understand how to identify E-Waste, how to make E-Waste useful and how many poor children will be helped with the same.

Career Counseling Programme

An innovative and need of the hour initiative taken up by DSE Banjara Hills, is ‘Career Counseling’ which is being appreciated by parents and thanked by students.  The school arranged sessions for students with the help of career counselors like Lodestar, Aakash, Career Launchers and Univariety who guided students with different career options and emphasized on selecting different varieties of courses available apart from the traditional ones.

Apart from this one on one session with students along with psychometric tests were conducted. The sessions were also conducted for parents to give them an insight on various career options which are different from the traditional ones and the scope of opting the same.

Healing Through Music


“Music is a therapy.  It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient.”    – Yehudi Menuhin

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills has always believed in taking up fresh, powerful initiatives and being creative by utilizing the opportunities hidden everywhere to educate young minds and foster ethical, social and moral values through holistic learning for blooming them into responsible global citizens, prepare them to meet the challenges of living and give them the skill sets that would help them up the ladder of material success.

Music activities are flexible teaching tools that provide enjoyable opportunities for socialization. Throughout human history and across all cultures, individuals have produced and enjoyed music.  It can be linked to various curriculum and instruction models to increase learning. It helps the body and mind work together by igniting all areas of child development like building self-esteem and a sense of community along with improvement in academic performance.

Considering these facts the music department along with the school counselor has started using sound as a therapy to regulate stressed systems and make it as one of the most powerful means of relaxing the body by promoting a sense of calm and peace, dispelling fear and providing an environment in which bodily systems calm down, allowing efficient modulation of arousal. The change among the children undergoing the therapy is visible and remarkable results have been observed by the parents who in turn appreciated the school for such a novel thought.

Apart from this the students who are directly involved in taking up this therapy are expressing extreme enthusiasm and zeal to be a part of this.  This interest expressed by the students is enabling the music department to explore with further techniques.

Parent Partnership Programme

A novel initiative taken up by Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills is to involve parents into the school activities as they are the part and parcel of an educational institution. As being the integral part of the school they are invited to school to witness all the activities to know what is happening in the school and enable themselves with the knowledge of the activities conducted and how they are helping the child for a holistic development.  For an upcoming institution the participation of the parents plays a vital role in the development and expansion of school in its entire course.  Hence the parents take up the role of acting as:

  • Buddy Teacher
  • Club Facilitator
  • Work Education Facilitator
  • Guest Speaker / Performer
  • Internship/ Factory visit Organiser
  • Field Trip / Community Service Volunteer
  • Skill Trainer and Workshop Facilitator

Rotary Club -School Social Responsibility

To inculcate the spirit of togetherness and awaken the nature of empathy among students Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills has joined hands with the Rotary Club by helping them provide furniture for the benefit of the students who lack the same provision. Small inspirational thoughts shared by the people from Rotary Club and sensitizing DEESIANS about the condition of other students and the plight they undergo made the DEESIANS contribute their best for this noble cause.


Fostering creativity within yourself and others revitalizes the ability to feel, express, and act constructively.  Creativity pervades every human life and it is the mark of individuality and the vehicle of self-expression.

If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature.

Keeping this in view Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills has taken the initiative of providing students with the opportunity to enhance their creativity by learning new aspects in their Expressions class taken up by the ‘Expressions Society’- an outsourcing party to help our students empower with communicative and public speaking skills. The enthusiasm and the aspiration shown by the students to learn new concepts is commendable.

Save a Drop Movement 

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” – Thomas Fuller

To make the students understand the importance of sustainability of resources, the school started a campaign on Save Water with the logo of ‘The World is in your Hands’.  Students went to the neighborhood as a part of survey to understand the average indoor household water use. Back to school the students took this survey as an integrated project where they could include Mathematics, Social Science, Science, English and Hindi in completing the project.

Apart from this the importance of sharing knowledge with others is an essential part of teaching learning process.  So, the students took up ‘Nukkad Natak’ at GVK Mall to spread awareness among others which received much accolade.


The importance of understanding the emergency situation and the way one has to react and safeguard oneself as well as the others is what Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills has planned to inculcate among the students.  As a part of the same the installation of the machine called ‘OMNIPOLIS’ has been placed in the school campus to immediately intimate the police for rescue in case of fire and theft.  The same awareness has been bought among the students also who in turn feel secured in the campus.

Class Connect Programme

DSE, Banjara Hills always believe that positive parent-school communications benefit learners. Parental inclusion and involvement in school life is an incredibly important part of building a positive school culture. Parents represent a vast talent pool from which school likes to draw on for better understanding of the system from the outside.

To learn more about the school's academic/co-scholastic programmes and how it is being implemented in classrooms, the parents are invited to be part of the first ‘Classconnect’ programme.  The aim of ‘Classconnect’ is to have a focused discussion on classroom transactions by voicing their concerns, suggestions and appreciation.  The Director, Principal and Segment Head preside over the sessions.   Concerned areas are looked into immediately to pave way for smooth learning.

Wealth Out of Waste -WOW Campaign

The value of sharing and caring as well as contributing for the benefit of mankind is something which DSE, Banjara Hills always inculcates in their students continuously.  Bearing these values in mind the school provided an opportunity to students for exploring the happiness of sharing the left over newspapers, unused books and other waste material to school and the management in turn submitting the same to an organization who appreciated the efforts of the students and presented them with a token of gratitude in turn.

Adolescent Educational Programme

‘Stress’ is a word which has become a prominent one in the recent times.  Right from a child to an adult everyone is stressed due to one or the other reason.  Recognizing the need and complications associated with the word ‘stress’, DSE Banjara Hills empathized with their adolescent children and conducted sessions with the help of school counselor for the students of grade 8,9 & 10 who undergo certain physiological and psychological changes.  Usually students of this age group are tangled with numerous doubts and speculations which they cannot share with their parents or teachers. These issues appear to be petty and trivial sometimes to parents and to teachers but for the child it is an emotional disturbance and feels unsecured.  It is here the counselor pitches in and guides them properly.  Apart from counseling students when needed, stress management sessions are also conducted to ensure that the child is calm and composed before tests and assessments.  At times sessions are also conducted for parents depending upon the need to guide them to understand the changing behavior patterns of the kids.