National Science Day Celebrations

National Science Day Celebrations

 “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”- Edward Teller.

DSE Banjara celebrated the National Science Day on February 5th, 2020 to commemorate the invention of ‘ The Raman Effect’ by the veteran  Indian  Physicist, Sir Chandra Sekhara Venkata Raman.

“Science day at DSE” is a much awaited event our children look forward to.Our science day celebrations have been leaving an impression on the young minds year after year. Children augmented the fact that being science literate is not just an advantage but an absolute necessity. The programme started  with the National Science Day,2020 theme ‘Women in Science’ enacted by the charming young scientists from Grade V.

Marking the 150th anniversary  the year 2019 was proclaimed as ‘The International year of Periodic Table of The Chemical Elements’.Honouring the same the celebrations continued to enlighten the gathering with the concept of ‘Evolution Of  Periodic table’.

The Science faculty informed and emphasised  about the important milestones in the formation of The Modern Periodic table. The ‘Elemental Ramp Walk’ by the children of Grades VI and VII was a cynosure to watch. Declamation by the ‘Congress Of Elements’ was another  Jewel in the Crown.

 Finally the foot tapping number “Mendeleev’s Melodies” by the  students  enthralled the audience. The programme concluded by the empowering words of Our Principal, Ms Veena Murthy that Science is not just Physics, Chemistry and Biology but ‘Science is a way of life’.

Last but not the least our Headmistress and Head of the Department of Science Ms. Anasuya Tenjarla motivated children that it is necessary that through Observation,Curiosity and Passion one can develop their Scientific Temperament.

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