Masoom - Awareness Program@Young Indians Organization

Masoom - Awareness [email protected] Indians Organization

Delhi School of Excellence gives a lot of importance to children’s safety and their protection against all kinds of abuse. With this in mind, DSE in collaboration with Young Indians, is conducting an awareness program called Masoom for students and their parents. Ms. Shivani of Young Indians conducted a workshop for the parents and students in DSE, Banjara Hills, on 15th and 17th of June, 2019.

She highlighted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. She pointed out the various rights that a child is entitled to such as – protection rights, participation rights, survival rights and developmental rights. She used audio visual inputs to drive home the point how pervasive child abuse is. 

Ms. Shivani mentioned a few necessary precautions that parents need to keep in mind:

· Children should be taught about good touch bad touch.

·Parents should focus on listening and understanding what children want to express.

·  Abuse can happen to both girls and boys.

·  Sexual abuse can happen both outside and within homes, even large extended families.

·  Parents should not use gadgets while they have open discussion with their children.

· Parents must feel free to discuss all issues with their children, even sensitive ones.

· Children should be cautioned not to speak to strangers.