Open house was organized in Preprimary, DSE Banjara Hills on 15th September 2018. It was time to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. The kids became the tour guides for their parents and engaged in conversations about the concepts they had learnt in classroom. The activities displayed in nursery were for enhancing different soft motor skills, gross motor skills, identification of numbers, alphabet and on physical development.

The activities in PP-1 were on phonetics, counting numbers, wild animals and water animals and identification of letters with pictures. The students also recited rhymes with proper pronunciation and actions in front of their parents.

The students of PP-2 searched the three letter words which were displayed in the form of treasure hunt. They matched the numbers with their proper number names and hopped down the backward counting line. They placed the wild animals and insects in their respective houses and played games to find the sight words. It was the time for the students to shine and showcase their learning.