Kindergarten 19-20

Kindergarten 19-20

The tiny tots of Pre-Primary in Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills celebrated Blue Color Day on 19th June, 2020. It was a day filled with fun, creativity and interesting activities for the little ones. The students dressed up in different shades and hues of blue. The teachers taught the children about the significance of the blue color.
The activities included making corn chaat and craft activities like making umbrellas. The kids spoke about their favorite blue colored toys. The adorable kids also enjoyed themselves through activities like pani pani dance, signifying the arrival of much awaited monsoon.
All these activities help students in developing various skills such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, spatial skills such as in building three-dimensional objects, and sensory perception. Celebrating days about different colors enable little children to recognize colors. Recognizing colors and identifying the color names is an important part of a child’s development as it helps in creating the cognitive link between visual cues and words.

The new psychology of learning incorporates the idea of making learning a fun – filled activity. A typical day at DSE for Pre Primary students would incorporate the following elements:-

Welcome Time…. Arriving for school on time is extremely important for children even at this young age! Being on time allows the children to have a pleasant transition from home to school environment, easing them in gently.

Assembly Time… Each beautiful day unfolds with the morning assembly with other students of the school. Besides praying, it inculcates a sense of punctuality and discipline

Circle Time… Circle Time is where exciting group work takes place, discussing the calendar in English, to begin with. It’s followed by discussions, fun learning activities about the chosen letter and then progresses onto phonetics, rhymes and stories. Alpha Buddies is the time when children read or write about the concept under study. Stories, group discussions, group activities and demonstrations are some techniques used by the facilitator to stimulate the children. The facilitator works with individual children or in small groups. Most of the concepts in the Nursery are dealt with orally while in PPI and PPII, eye –hand coordination is developed through written work, colouring and craft work.

Theme Time… To increase awareness of the physical and social surroundings, a theme room is set up where students are enabled to discovered and learn more. Discussions, art work, poems and stories, worksheets related to the theme are done as follow up.

Munch Time…. Recess allows the children the opportunity to develop social and conversational skills by interacting with each other, sharing physical space and also a healthy snack.

Carpet Time… To make the students aware of the happenings in and around the world they live in, teachers spend time to discuss important issues that make headlines in a very simplistic way and encourage students to express their views. Students also indulge in reading story books.

Play Time… Children play outside during this hour. It is an ideal outlet for all the extra energy they have. Games help them to develop balance, posture, locomotion and strength. Play time also encourages imaginative role-play and allows interaction with their peers while developing their gross motor skills.

Number Time… Contrary to the belief, there isn’t a math gene that makes some kids more successful in the subject. Kids who are more successful in this area are those who practice the skills more often .Activities related to recognition, grouping, measurement and other pre math concepts help develop concentration , counting skill and involves fine motor development.

Happy Meal… Not only it is a time to sit and enjoy a balanced and nutritious meal but also to dine with peers and learn table manners and etiquette.

Happy Time … Exploration discovers latent talent. Activities such as singing, dancing, drawing and clay moulding create a sense of well being among children. Exercise your vocal chords; tap your feet or paint the world around- it’s all fun! We believe in ‘Catching them young’.

Bhasha Mala… A second language is introduced at the PPI level and most of the activities are verbal. Stories and rhymes are an integral part of it. PPII students start with learning to write alphabets.

Tale Time/Movie Time… This is the time for delightful learning and various activities are scheduled on different days to have a wide spectrum of experiences and thereby enhance motor and thinking skills.

Reflection Time… Just before they pack their bags and say goodbye a quick reflection on what they have done during the day is done.

Sweet Good Byes…

Wacky Watermelon

Summer is all about fun, food and frolic. And tiny tots at DSE, Banjara Hills, know how to have all three of them at the same time.The Watermelon Day on 17th June, 2019, was all about activities that involve hands on learning, sensory exploration art and fun.Watermelon Geoboard is a fantastic way to learn hands on Math by nailing the melons and lacing the nails to improve their fine motor skills.The idea behind the activity was to learn about this delicious fruit and celebrate a fruity summer. The students wound the laces around the pins to make letters of the English alphabet and also shapes. No wonder watermelons are a summer time favourite! So it’s time to enjoy the last days of summer by treating ourselves to some delicious watermelons!!!!!

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First Day Fun

The first day of school for the Pre-Primary students of Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, began with a lot of fun on 12th June, 2019. The jolly faces of kids made the school environment more joyful. Tiny tots enjoyed some ice breaker activities to ease their nervousness as they start with the new session. The fun activities helped them build friendship and confidence.

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Preprimary -Orange Day 

“Colors are the smiles of the nature, so is the color orange.”Orange is the color of joy. It is the blend of energy and cheerfulness. The tiny tots of DSE, Banjara Hills celebrated ‘Orange Color Day’ on 14th February. The kids came dressed in the bright shades of orange.  The children learnt about various things in nature that are orange in color. They participated in activities such as ‘Speak Orange’, ‘Poke the Pumpkin’ and ‘Knuckle the Pumpkin’. They also enjoyed doing orange volcano activity.

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Preprimary – Open House

“Education cannot be effective unless it helps the child to open up to life.”
An Open House was conducted for the students of Pre-primary on 1st February, [email protected] DSE Banjara Hills. The idea behind the open House was to showcase the learning ability of the students. Various topics like letter identification, backward counting, Means of Transport, Weather, Addition, subtraction, Time, were put-up through activities. Children were outstanding in putting their best for the same. Story-telling , Reading and speaking skills presented by the kids took the hearts of everyone.

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Preprimary – Yellow Day 

Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness. Toddlers of Preprimary, DSE Banjara Hills, celebrated Yellow Color Day and Sankranti on 13th January 2020. The tiny tots came dressed beautifully in yellow attire. The boards were decorated with yellow objects. Kids brought their favorite yellow toys and spoke about them. The celebration continued with kite making activity in the classes. The children took pride in the kites that they made. The PP1 kids danced to the tunes of harvest festival. The lovely day passed with getting introduced to the color of glory and happiness.
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Preprimary – Green Wonders

The tiny tots of PP I and PP II opened our eyes to the wonders of the plant world, on 22nd  November, 2019.They told the story of a seed growing into a complete plant with the use of innovative and colourful props, songs and dances.Shopping for vegetables and the nutritional value of each was explained through role play and models.The presenters walked the guests through a PPT presentation on types of plants and ended with leaf doodles, tips on safe gardening methods and a remarkable ‘seed ball’ that can be dispersed anywhere. This is aimed at increasing the spread of greenery.It was an informative and interesting presentation.

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Pre-Primary -Diwali Celebrations

Diwali celebrations at Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, were kick started by the tiny tots of the pre-primary section with a lot of gaiety. They came in colourful dresses to add to the festive mood.They started with a joyful dance to ring in the festival. This was followed by rangoli art created by the kids with eager participation from their teachers. They made intricate patterns using colours to create floral designs. The games included an exciting one called, ‘Dhanteras Dice Roll’ which the children enjoyed thoroughly. The celebrations concluded with a round of sweets and savouries being distributed to all, along with good cheer and wishes for a happy and safe Diwali!

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Pink Colour Day!!!!

The pre primary kids of DSE Banjara Hills celebrated Pink Day on 26 th September 2019 enthusiastically. It was magnificent to see tiny tots dressed up beautifully in shades of pink.

They participated in variety of hands on activities related to pink colour. Painting and colouring activities reinforced the concept of colours among the students. They were involved in playing games that had a tinge of pink which were enjoyed by them.

The aim of the event was to make the young minds identify pink colour in the multiple objects they see around them. Children were also told that pink colour signifies love, kindness, harmony. They showed excitement in learning mixing of colours. They learnt that pink colour could be obtained by mixing red and white.
The blooming buds enjoyed a lot and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of pink colour. It was indeed a visual treat to witness little ones dancing and glowing in pink.

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Preprimary(PPI & PPII ) – Open House

‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself’.

Education which involves everyday life activities and objects enables students to learn in a holistic manner. An Open House was conducted by the students of PP1 and PP2 for their parents in Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, on 21st September, 2019. It was a time for color, creativity and fun for the tiny tots. The various activities were designed to enable the students to develop their fine and gross motor skills.  

The tiny tots enjoyed the activities that were about learning the alphabets of English, Hindi and Telugu, and numbers by tracing them in sand and on cards; number sequencing; basic words in the three languages about daily used objects, animals and their homes. They also showed their parents how they paint using vegetables and brushes. Singing of nursery rhymes, learning about different shapes and sizes of objects, story sequencing using cards and picture cutouts, and matching words with their corresponding objects were the other activities they were completely engrossed in.

They also had physical fitness activities called ‘It’s Play Time’. The students thoroughly enjoyed the various tasks set for them that involved running, balancing objects on their head, frog jumping, crawling and crossing hurdles. The Open House showcased the creativity and hard work of the teachers. They used cutouts, pictures, pop-up pictures, placards, and everyday objects. The students enthusiastically participated in decorating the class rooms. The parents were overjoyed seeing their wards using on hand learning techniques.

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Preprimary -Janmashtami Celebrations

Festival is a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm. All the religious festivals celebrated in India give us an opportunity to bond with each other, share the best, and show gratitude for whatever we are blessed with. It also gives us a platform to develop new friendship and feast over a spread of delicacies. At DSE, the celebration of all religious festivals reach heightened spirits as the students develop brotherhood and get a chance to enjoy the festive fervor with their friends. Jansmashtami was celebrated by the preprimary segment where the parents were involved in various activities like dancing, preparation of a sweet dish (fireless cooking) and fun games like Janmashtami Trail, Kanhaji ka Piggybank, Butterlicious race. The mothers danced with the little ones dressed up as Krishna which was a treat to the eyes. The makhan and matki games organized by the teachers were played by the parents along with the little ones. The students were involved in the tug of war replicating the churning of ocean-Amrutha Manthan. The traditional breaking of Dahi Handi was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. To culminate the event, the parents, staff and students joined the dance floor and moved to the tunes. It was indeed a pleasure to see the parents participate in the program and have fun. Winners of various competitions were awarded with token of appreciation. The dynamism shown by the parents ,kids and teachers made the celebration phenomenal.

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Preprimary – Independence Day Celebrations

Sare jahaan se acchha! This was the resounding sentiment displayed by the little citizens of India to ring in our 73rd Independence Day. The students of the pre-primary classes began the day with the evergreen ‘Hum honge kamyaab’ followed by dance moves to a catchy medley of songs on independence.The tiny tots went on to speak about our national symbols: the tiger, the peacock, the lotus, the mango and most important of all, the national flag– our pride and our inspiration.They concluded the celebrations by drawing, colouring and making the tricolour and learning about the significance of each colour.

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EID Celebrations

Eid ul-Fitr, the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, marks the end of Ramzan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Eid is a sacred celebration when people come together and hug each other with promises of charity, kindness, harmony and brotherhood. It was celebrated by the tiny tots of Pre-Primary, Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, on 21st June, 2019, with great fervor and excitement. The students were dressed beautifully in traditional attire and all excited for their Eid party.It was a different experience for the children as they had a role play to showcase what people usually do in the month of Ramzan. They did creative craft activities, one of them being making a collage depicting a mosque. They created beautiful hangings as takeaways for their parents. The best time for them was when they relished the delicious ‘sheer khurma’- a festive dish especially prepared for Eid. The students were especially interested in knowing the significance of celebrating it. The celebration led to bonding among children with their friends and teachers as they wished each other Eid Mubarak.

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Blue Day Celebrations

Pre-Primary Blue Colour [email protected] Monsoon Masti!!!!!

The tiny tots of DSE Banjara Hills celebrated Blue Colour Day and enjoyed a Monsoon Party on 28th June, 2019. The dress code of the day was blue. The significance of the colour blue and the monsoon was reiterated through a series of activities, as they came dressed up in different shades of blue.At Monsoon Masti, the kids enjoyed various activities such as Treasure Hunt, Scoop & Soak, Monsoon Moves, Paper Boat Racing and Freeze Dance.Treasure Hunt gave them an opportunity to dig in the sand, identify various water animals and also learn their names.The Monsoon Moves activity helped them to practice gross motor skills as they learnt to identify the six types of things they experience in the rainy  season – puddles, boots, umbrellas, soup, corn, and raincoats and matched them with  actions like skipping, hopping, jumping, running, walking and crawling,  by rolling cardboard dice.Excitement and enthusiasm increased as they scooped and soaked various shapes and alphabets. They had fun as they raced their paper boats in tubs of water.The Monsoon Masti culminated in a Freeze Dance and craft work.Back in their classes, the little ones of PPI made rainbow collages, while the PPII children engaged themselves in making book markers in the shape of a blue whale.Blue – the colour of loyalty, strength and trust had a very positive impact on the tiny tots by ringing in harmony and brotherhood.

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Green Day Celebrations

Come let’s hug a tree!!!!!

Green is the colour of nature, it symbolises self-respect, growth and harmony. The pre-primary kids of DSE Banjara Hills celebrated Green Colour Day on 12th July, 2019. The tiny tots were beautifully dressed in different shades of green.  They had a fun time under the trees participating in various activities.  The day started with a song on trees sung by the students of PPII, followed by few yoga poses. They were involved in playing games which signified the importance of the colour green. The highlight of the day was the ‘Hug a tree with me’ activity to spread awareness about why we should develop a bonding with trees and save them in order to save our environment. The kids also enjoyed the outdoor poster making activity which helped them feel more connected to nature.

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