Interhouse Competition

Interhouse Competition

Virtual Inter-House Best out of Waste Competition

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.”
—Mother Teresa

A virtual Inter-House Best out of Waste Competition was organized for the students of Grades V & VI on 10th October, 2020 at Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara. The core concept of the competition was to raise awareness about the importance of judicious use of resources available and how to reuse and recycle them for their optimum utilization. The participants were given 35 minutes to make the product and 1 minute to speak about the products and the materials used. The students used their creativity and talent to make interesting and useful products. They used materials like discarded paper, hangars, writing pads, old clothes, pieces of furniture, etc., for making many objects. The parameters of judging the participants were the use of materials, presentation of products, planning and aesthetic value. The students participated with a lot of enthusiasm.

Virtual Inter-House Ad Mania Competition

“Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. – Nancy Pearcy

This is the spirit with which Inter-House competitions are conducted in Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills. Co-curricular activities complement the regular academics and in view of this, a virtual Inter-House Ad Mania Competition was conducted at DSEBH on 10th October, 2020 for the students of Grades VII & VIII. Ad Mania Competition is an opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity in marketing their chosen products and services. Its objective is to acquaint themselves with promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. The students participated with eagerness and zest to show their creativity and language skills. They used props such as cutouts, drawings and everyday objects to give convincing presentations. They were judged on the criteria of creativity, presentation skills and confidence. The participants could choose Hindi or English to advertise different products relevant to the current pandemic situation.

Virtual Inter-House Mask Making Competition

A virtual Inter-House Mask Making Competition was organized on 9th October, 2020 at Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills for the students of Grades III & IV. Mask making is one of the most enjoyable crafts that children love to participate in. The participants came up with beautiful designs and their favorite superhero characters for the masks which they exhibited and wore with great pride and joy. They used different materials such as paper, head bands, beads, and other decorative materials. The colorful creations were a feast for the eyes. The competition was organized to encourage creativity and promote artistic excellence. The participants were judged on the criteria of creativity, color scheme, character and material used.

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