Intreview The Director Of Your School Before And After School Program

Intreview The Director Of Your School Before And After School Program

Ms. Shashikala is the Academic Director of the three branches of Delhi School of Excellence. She  has 26 years of experience in the teaching profession. The students had an opportunity to converse with her during the Teacher’s Day Celebration.

  1. Describe your most successful experience as an Academic Director at DSE.

At the beginning of this academic year,I had planned on systematising the planning and documentation of the teaching learning process across all the three branches as a priority. It gave me immense satisfaction to note that I was quite successful in achieving what I had set forth to do.

  1. A variety of teaching methods are used to encourage imagination, creativity and critical thinking: How do you encourage the teachers to prepare for it?

Imagination, Creativity and Critical Thinking are the key skills every teacher must possess in order to be successful .  I am very confident that if a teacher applies his/her mind to it, wonders can be created in a classroom. I guess my positive approach helps them to identify their own potential.

  1. How do you assess a teacher both in scholastic and Co Scholastic areas?

 Both these components are two different aspects of teaching; yet similar. That being said, assessment of these is very subjective.The commonality between these two areas is the succint communication techniques used by the teacher to align the two areas of learning. Systematic approach will enable a person to do justice to both . Except for Visual and Performing Arts, which is not everybody’s cup of tea, I think the other aspects of co-scolastic areas can easily be assessed.

  1. In the present scenario, students lack moral values in them. What are your thoughts to inspire students towards moral refinement?

 Moral values cannot be taught overnight to any student. They must be ingrained over a period of time . There is a two pronged approach to it. From childhood onwards, a child must be sensitized towards differentiating the right from the wrong by the parents. Subsequently, at school these values must be reinforced by the teacher all the time. Constantly talking to them and enabling a dialogue between the stakeholders will reap great rewards.

  1. Government is reintroducing compulsory Class X Board examination for CBSE schools from the 2017 -18 academic year. What are your views on this?

I have mixed reactions to this. While compulsory Board examinations will enable them to understand where they stand in this competitive world, CCE pattern would have also helped to understand a child better, if  the evaluation is done in its true sense.

  1. Describe your vision for DSE Group of Institutions in the forthcoming years.

DSE Group of Institutions has a great future. Backed by strong management, state-of the art infrastructure and other facilities, it will surely emerge as a strong contender to many of the established institutions. It is already on the path of the progress and I am very confident the future goals will be achieved easily.

  1. How do you keep yourself organized? Could you please share how you multitask?

For completing whatever be the task at hand, I visualize the ways and means of completing it. I am not a ‘give-up’ kind of a person. I like to tie up all the loose ends till the end is realized to my satisfaction. I do go haywire at times, but by and large, I am very composed during a crisis and this has helped me many a times. Time management also helps. More than anything else, I am a workaholic and I enjoy my work. That makes my job that much simpler.

  1. How is the world today different from what it was like when you were a student?

Very cliché . We were very carefree during our student days. There was no cut throat competition for anything, yet, we managed to do well. In the absence of e-world in which the present generation is submerged, we were more outdoorish. Physical activities played a major role in moulding us. The experiential learning- the coinage term these days- was something very natural for us as students. Sometimes I feel very saddened at the thought that the present generation rarely steps out to do something unless pushed by someone. But I guess times moves on, and so does generation after generation. At least, the present generation is trying to achieve its goals.

  1. Students are pressurised by their parents to either opt engineering or medicine. Due to this, students are unable to express their desire and achieve their dreams. What message would you give to such enthusiastic parents?

There are opportunities galore for the present generation. Both Aptitude and Attitude must be assessed for the students and the parents must be counselled to accept the desires of their children. Parents must be very open-minded and not compare their child with anybody else’s. This tremendously helps to boost the morale of the child.

  1. How do you spend your free time?

Nothing much ! Watching some shows and reading books I guess.

  1. Whichsongis thereinyourmindthemostoften?

Nothing in particular. I am very fond of Beatles and their songs. Also old Hindi songs.

  1. Your valuable message to the DSE Family in terms of taking the mantle of education forward.

 Sincere and dedicated approach towards teaching and learning will enable our DSE to go forward effortlessly. My Motto – ‘Be a worker- not a Shirker’.