Virtual classes have become the platform for the continuation of education in the challenging situation that has emerged because of the coronavirus pandemic. Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills (DSEBH) is continuously striving to improve online education through activities that will evoke interest among students for virtual classes, and to give them a feel of normal school experience. In this endeavor, the virtual school assembly has been created in continuation with the tradition of school assembly in Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills(DSEBH) with the usual assembly activities such as the school prayer, student pledge, thought for the day, news and the singing of the national anthem. Apart from these, new activities have been tailored to the level and interests of the students of every grade and section involving both teachers and students.

World Zoonoses Day is held every year on July 6. The day commemorates July 6, 1885, when Louis Pasteur successfully administered the first vaccine against Rabies virus, a zoonotic disease. Theme day raises awareness for the risk of zoonotic diseases. On this special day students of Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara hills, class 6 A students presented a special assembly. Aarav Nagar presents a small speech.

A Special Assembly was conducted by grade 7b students in the virtual online classes. The theme was ‘Commemoration of the important occasions of the month’. A student spoke about ‘ Doctors Day’ celebrated ,another student spoke about ‘ Environment day’ and last but not least was a speech given by a student about‘Guru poornima day’. The assembly included pledge and news reading and it was concluded with the thought for the day as ‘Shoot for the moon,even if you miss it you will land among the stars’

Grade 7C 

The assembly started with the school song .It was followed by The circle time.The students were asked to speak on topics like “ something, I would like to do with my best friend is ……,  something I would like to do with my family is…….” Students shared their views very happily.The thought for the day was given by Abhinandana.News was read by Mehak Fatima.The pledge was given by Mariyam.The assembly came to an end with the National Anthem.

Reflections: The students were asked to reflect on what they would like to after their grade 10 and to start focussing on what subjects they would like to study and how to go about it. About 5-6 students spoke. The thought for the day told by Aarya. News read out by Amal, pledge was given by Mariya. National anthem sung by Aarya.

K Sesha Sai of grade VIII B shared a very interesting and informative Power Point Presentation about Environment Pollution during an assembly conducted on 8th July 2020. Through the PPT he painted a perspective on both unconventional pollutions like Thermal Pollution, Light Pollution, Radio-Active Pollution; apart from the common Pollutions (land, water, soil, noise). A very thought -provoking video was shown to highlight the magnitude and damage of these poisonous pollutants on the flora and fauna.

The assembly started with the school song . The teacher’s presentation: Ms.Sunita presented a power point presentation on Van Mahotsav. She spoke to the students about the importance of planting trees. She also told a story to the children showing them how important it is to plant trees, how in certain parts of our country, people take the pledge to protect the trees by tying rakhis around their trunks and also how people plant saplings on important occasions. The pledge was given by Nikhil. The assembly came to an end with the National Anthem.

The presentation was done by Ms. Shyama Rao. This being the concluding day of ‘Van Mahotsav’, the students were apprised of the celebrations of the Utsav across the country.  The students were shown visuals of the unique ways of the protection of trees in Dharhari village of Bhagalpur District, Bihar, Karmadi village of Ratlam District in Madhya Pradesh, and Gajwada village of Rajasthan. Prisha and Zohaib presented their respective thoughts for the day. This assembly included the regular runs of daily prayer, pledge and national anthem!