HARPER’S SALOME NITE (A Musical Extravaganza)

HARPER’S SALOME NITE (A Musical Extravaganza)

Memories are special moments which we cherish for a long time. Each memory has a soundtrack of its own.  It only takes a song to bring back all the memories. The rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. As rightly stated by Shakespeare – “When words fail, music speaks”. Music is life which we love. An emotion carried with different stories, unpredictable and exciting.

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills took pride in presenting HARPER’S SALOME NITE (a musical evening)on 10thApril 2018, to evoke the positive emotions and transport the subconscious mind into a world of imagination and experience a new world filled in happiness. The audience was enthralled with a plethora of performances presented by the Harper and his team on the school campus.

HARPER’S SALOME NITE revolved around the concept of experiencing the sentido symphony satisfaction and comprehending the benefits of CHOS. The visionary founders of DSE have always given their best to provide the students with the best of facilities and opportunities for the overall development of the child.

‘Harper’s Salome Nite’ was a reminder to the audience that one should never stand still rather they must explore and experiment by doing what they love and inspire to awaken others. The audience embraced the uniqueness along with the beauty dipped in the melody of musical notes and gave wings to their imagination through ‘GENESIS’ the curtain raiser for the evening.

To awaken the true beauty of spirit and travel through portal of light, paint life in bold colours, set the rhythm of moksh with the heart-drum and bear a signature in the depths of the mind was the grand finale of the evening ‘MOKSH WITH RHYTHM’ which left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience and enabled them to promise themselves that they would nurture and create a climate for their mind as well as body and let the energies come, go and flow towards positivity to maintain the internal peace and harmony.

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