Pre-Primary Mud Day Celebrations

Pre-Primary Mud Day Celebrations  2018-19

The little ones of preprimary at DSE Banjara Hills celebrated Mud Day on 6th July, 2018. The verve to explore the earth beneath our feet was observed throughout the campus. They created mud cakes at Mud Bakery corner; searched the animals and cleaned them at Animal Mud Wash corner.

The imagination of the kids took wings and they formed shapes at Mud Engineering and Creative corners. The tiny tots constructed mud blocks and face masks of different designs and patterns.

Mud pies and clay models were rolled by the kids who did not wish to get muddy, but others played in the pool of mud to wallow in and enjoyed the experience of being dirty, down the mud slide.

Lead to liven! On the pleasant morning of June 29th, 2018, commendable young talents of Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their School from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence.

The school held the 6th Investiture Ceremony with great fervor. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic year. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of being a leader and a sense of responsibility the new “Prefectural Body” is formed every year at Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills.

The event began with a welcome note and bouquet presentation to the chief guest of the day, Sri D.Vijay Kumar- IPS, Chairman Sri P. Madhusudan Rao, Ms. Shilpa Ravi-Vice Chairperson, Ms.Rama-Devi Secretary, Ms. Reshmi Shenoy- Administrator Attapur, and Ms.Shashikala-Academic Director for the DSE group of schools who were the guest of honor. The Principals of our sister schools Mr. Augustine and Ms.Hemalatha, along with Vice Principals and Headmistresses of Attapur and Manikonda branch were also present to grace the occasion.

It was indeed a gratified moment for each student to be adorned in their formal attire as they were officially assigned powers and positions after winning elections in the most democratic form. The according of badges marked the event filling the atmosphere with zeal, passion and prowess to do more, to learn more and achieve more. The school council members were conferred upon with sashes and badges by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries after which the flags were handed over, a symbolic representation of handing over the responsibility to the new office bearers.

The March past of the four houses was a treat to eyes which had the drumbeat roll, the strikes of band and the high pitch voice of the leaders leading their house members, was a sight of dignity and pride emitting from the contingents. The synchronized swing of arms and the sound of thudding feet stirred something in the hearts of the spectators inexplicably inspiring.

The Principal Ms. Veena Murthy administered the oath to the new Head Boy Purvak Gupta  and the new Head Girl Manasvi Lingampally along with the student council. This was followed by the house captains and house prefects taking oath of office. The Chief Guest pinned the badges to the prefects and handed over the flags empowering them with their roles and responsibilities.

In his address, the Chief Guest D. Vijay Kumar appreciated the efforts by the school for providing opportunities to the students to explore the new avenues. He also congratulated the newly appointed Prefects.

The Principal Ms. Veena Murthy in her address encouraged the students to be committed to important issues and to always remember that leadership comes with responsibility. The tiny tots stole the show by enacting as great world leaders. The musical rhythm of the live band and the grace of the dancers, the energized skating drill show, and the power packed dance performance portraying life of leaders depicted a spectacular performance adding vibrancy to the event.

The newly inducted NIE reporter Dharshita proposed the Vote of thanks. She thanked the Chief Guest for his encouraging words and one and all for making this event a remarkable success. The ceremony concluded with the singing of the National Anthem and the official photography. The day’s event truly portrayed the theme-Leadership is more a passion than a position.

International Yoga Day

Stay healthy, Stay Pure the Yoga way! International Yoga Day was observed at the school premises with an aim of inculcating the importance of the age old tradition of Yoga. The day started off with the students performing the Surya Namaskar and sharing the benefits that it provided. The Surya Namaskar builds stamina, helps overcome lethargy and improves all the five senses empowering students to meet the challenges of daily life.

A spectacular display of some important asanas like Padmasana, Bhujangasana, Chakrasana, Dhanurasan, Halasana, Sarvangasana, Veerabhadrasanam was showcased by the students depicting immense energy and spreading positive vibes.

The display of five mudras of yoga was explained to the students by our Yoga teachers, which gave the students an insight into how the five elements are connected to the positive energy that the human body beholds.

The learning outcome of this wonderful day was that Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees. It is a light which once lit will never dim.

Parent Orientation - Grades III & IV

Parent Orientation at Delhi School of Excellence is designed to inform parents the processes of the school both scholastic and co scholastic. On 30th June 2018 parents of grades III & IV gathered at the school and went through the parent partner orientation program through which they got insights about the different assessment patterns and the various clubs and sports activity. The orientation for the friendly mobile application was also shared by Ms.Sangeetha our Computer Faculty. The Principal Ms. Veena Murthy along with the coordinator Ms.Latha addressed the parents and discussed the various issues to make learning for students a comfortable one. The parents left the campus gaining information on the transparency of the system.

Pre-Primary - Splash Bash

The tiny tots of kindergarten at Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills were all set to bid goodbye to the summer season and were ready to embrace the monsoon splash with raincoats and umbrellas.

Blue Day celebration was sparked by the students indulging in coloring using blue paint and crayons by doing various activities.  Nursery kids made paper boats, PP-1 kids made blue birds using cotton dabbing in paper plates. The students of PP-2 crafted blue shades of paper to make whales. In consequence with the onset of monsoon preprimary were fervent to “Feel Blue @Splash Bash”

Parent Orientation - Nursery - Grades II

The parent orientation programme for Preprimary – Grades II  was organized on 23rd June 2018 at DSE Banjara Hills. It started with Principal Ms T Veena Murty welcoming the parents. She emphasized upon our vision to educate young minds and provide them holistic learning to become responsible global citizens.

The preprimary coordinator Ms Susan Keshri  and Ms. Kavitha  Co-ordinator Grades I &II provided the parents an insight on school curriculum and the teaching methodology followed by the teachers, through a power point presentation. She highlighted on the vital role of proper dietary habits taught and the social ethics being inculcated in children by our teachers. She stressed upon the pivotal role played by the parents in upbringing the child.

A small presentation from the trainers of Power English –Karadi Path was also given to make the parents acquainted with the new initiative taken by the school. The orientation concluded with a question answer session, providing solutions to all queries.  It ended with a positive note from the parents providing appreciation.

Pre-Primary Blue Day Celebrations

Pre-Primary EID Celebrations

Eid-ul-Fitr is a festival of love and goodwill. Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills celebrated Eid at Pre-Primary on 14th June 2018 with lots of excitement and festive fervor. Teachers explained to the children the meaning, purpose and importance of Ramadan.

Kids greeted each other, Eid Mubarak. Girls applied mehndi on each other’s palm and gifted bangles. The preprimary section was filled with excitement and appeared colourful as the kids were dressed in their traditional attire. Sweet delicacies were distributed to all with a message of sharing is caring and the celebration of joy in doing it. The celebration helped young minds to know the customs and traditions thereby imbibing the value of cross-cultural learning.

Parent Orientation- Grades V-VIII

"Fostering the child's learning through joint efforts of parents, teachers and the school". Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills conducted an orientation for Parent Partners to build a sense of community and trust.

The dawn of   2nd June 2018   saw a great amount of festivity and enthusiasm at campus as Delhi School of Excellence celebrated “Telangana Formation” day with gaiety. Telangana the 29th and the emerging youngest state in India was formulated on this day in the year 2014.

The Principal Ms.Veena Murty hoisted the National Flag followed by the melodious string of “Jai Telangana” that was sung by the students and teachers emphasizing jubilance. The school’s Telugu department organized a small cultural programme.The energetic Bathukamma songs filled the air beckoning the beauty of the culture and the spirit of unity. The Telugu teacher Ms.Helen gave a wonderful speech in “Sundara Telugu” bringing out the importance of Telugu culture, Telangana language and the bounty of Telangana’s Nature. Ms.Nirmala HOD Telugu presented a wonderful poetry enchanting the audience by reciting the bravery of Rudrama Devi and other great warriors.

The sub-staff, teachers and students together created an enthralling dance performance to the beats of Telangana songs befitting the occasion of “Telangana Formation Day”. The programme concluded with the singing of National Anthem and distribution of sweets.

Memories are special moments which we cherish for a long time. Each memory has a soundtrack of its own.  It only takes a song to bring back all the memories. The rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. As rightly stated by Shakespeare - “When words fail, music speaks”. Music is life which we love. An emotion carried with different stories, unpredictable and exciting.

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills took pride in presenting HARPER’S SALOME NITE (a musical evening)on 10th April 2018, to evoke the positive emotions and transport the subconscious mind into a world of imagination and experience a new world filled in happiness. The audience was enthralled with a plethora of performances presented by the Harper and his team on the school campus.

HARPER’S SALOME NITE revolved around the concept of experiencing the sentido symphony satisfaction and comprehending the benefits of CHOS. The visionary founders of DSE have always given their best to provide the students with the best of facilities and opportunities for the overall development of the child.

‘Harper’s Salome Nite’ was a reminder to the audience that one should never stand still rather they must explore and experiment by doing what they love and inspire to awaken others. The audience embraced the uniqueness along with the beauty dipped in the melody of musical notes and gave wings to their imagination through ‘GENESIS’ the curtain raiser for the evening.

To awaken the true beauty of spirit and travel through portal of light, paint life in bold colours, set the rhythm of moksh with the heart-drum and bear a signature in the depths of the mind was the grand finale of the evening ‘MOKSH WITH RHYTHM’ which left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience and enabled them to promise themselves that they would nurture and create a climate for their mind as well as body and let the energies come, go and flow towards positivity to maintain the internal peace and harmony.

It was a day to welcome the New Comers in Pre-Primary department of Delhi School of Excellence. On 10th April 2018 an amusingly decorated conference hall was presented for fresher’s party. The Fresher’s were given a rousing reception. The zeal and enthusiasm of the students was praiseworthy. It was a delight to watch the tiny tots in bright and colourful dresses. It was a scenic view which felt like the flowers blooming around the trunk. The programme commenced with a welcome song by senior students and followed by mesmerising dances by children. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves by tapping their feet on the music. The students impressed everyone with their scintillating dance performance. It was followed by the attraction of the day, a puppet show presented by the teachers. New students were welcomed with designated sashes like Iconic Ishana, Kind hearted Kush, Innocent Ikramuddin etc. Old and new students were mounted with two different types of crowns. Children brought varieties of foods and drinks for their new friends. They relished the delicious and tasty snacks  by sharing amongst themselves. They had fun and frolic in the wonderful ambience. The party was organized so as to generate the feeling of fraternity among the students. The new students felt like an integral part of the institution. Teachers greeted the students and wished them good luck. The day ended with the children going back with a smile on their faces.

“A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.” Under the able guidance of our Academic Director Ms. Shashi and our revered Principal, Ms. Veena Murthy an Orientation Programme was organized for the parents of grade 9 and grade 10 on 7th April 2018. The aim was to familiarize the parents, “as partners in progress” with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities. The programme commenced with a warm welcome to the parents followed by the prayer song. The School Principal, Ms. Veena Murthy, addressed the gathering. In her speech, she laid stress on effective communication between the teachers & the parents and also sought their support and suggestions so that the children could be provided the best for their overall development. She also gave guidelines about effective parenting. She also suggested different measures to nurture a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for a glorious future. The parents were briefed about the rules and regulations of the school. Later, the teachers gave an overview of the various subjects like English, Math, Science, Languages and Social Science and not to forget the co -scholastic activities which gave them an assurance that the curriculum involves self-directed, hands-on learning activities which not only give vent to their creative talents and energies but also help in their all-round development of the child. The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner. It also helped in evolving a common teaching strategy and helped the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children. It was followed by a session taken by the school IT department regarding the various applications that have been enabled in a parent friendly manner for updates and information on all aspects of school.

The elections for Students Council was held on 4th April, 2018 in the school Computer Lab using Vote Poll process. Teachers and students from all classes participated in the election with great enthusiasm by casting their votes. The election was held in the pre lunch session. All the candidates, in the supervision of teachers, presented their election manifestos. The students then voted and elected their favorite candidates for Head Boy, Head Girl, House, Cultural, Discipline and Sports categories.

The preliminary round consisted of giving an impromptu speech on a topic. The candidates who had filed nominations were asked to give one minute speech on how well they would fit into the role if given an opportunity followed by a question and answer session. The choice of the right candidate was not made just by the number of votes he secured. The criteria for the right candidate were based on the various parameters besides the votes like the candidate’s superintendence towards the various activities at school, academics and behavior. The prefects were expected to be perfect role models for the school students in academics, discipline, and co-curricular activities.

Exciting, energetic candidates filled with effervescence were all over the campus with their thematic logos campaigning for the Student Council Elections. Student Council Speeches spread the ethos of democracy in the otherwise holistic oriented campus.

The final answer is in the hands of the candidate’s peers. It's their decision but up until they mark their voting papers 'yes' or 'no' these enthusiastic candidates will be on the go!

All things that we do together and all things that we can do is what make our schools special. Best Wishes for a wonderful start of a New Academic Year. The induction started off with an impressive welcome to the Staff and Management by Ms. Anusuya our Head Mistress. A strong team of teachers, past and present, gathered to provide the best of all possible starts to our students!!

Once more, we found ourselves transported back to that sense of fresh beginnings and infinite possibilities that we always experience on the first day. Ms.Rama Devi the secretary and administrator of DSE Group of schools addressed the gathering and congratulated the staff on their past year performance and also briefed the staff of the new benefits that they were entitled to.

Ms.Shashi our revered Academic Director advised the teachers and congratulated them on their performance in the bygone academic year and gave a detailed input on the various aspects of academics. Enlightening the staff the Principals of the 3 branches Ms.Veena Murthy, Mr.Augustine and Ms.Hemalatha addressed the gathering of the various school procedures for the forthcoming academic year.

Ms Reshmi Administrator Attapur briefed the staff on HR policies for the forthcoming academic. The staff on their part assured the management of their commitment and dedication. With  all the essential agreements discussed with the staff, the day ended with Ms.Anusuya thanking the team and inviting all for a sumptuous lunch followed by the Subject Meet.