Pre-primary – Children’s Day Celebrations

Pre-primary Children' s Day Celebrations 

A busy and an exciting weekend saw Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills hosting the first ever inter school basketball championship the “SHOOTING HOOPS” on 28th October 2017. With 13 schools competing hard for the precious rolling trophy the entire school campus was filled with energy, enthusiasm and exhilaration.

The opening day ceremony was flagged off with great pomp and cheer by the Chief Guest of the day Mr. Salla Prasad. The members of the management were also present to cheer up the players through the event. The Vice Chairperson Ms.Shilpa Ravi encouraged the students and stated that “trying” was always more important than success. Her words spread a lot of hope and encouragement amongst the players. The invocation dance and the colourful balloons added a lot of cheer and excitement to the event.

It was great to see such enthusiasm for the sport amongst all the players through hard work and team training practices that the entire campus had a real festive look with bubbling energy spread all over.

The matches between the various schools went on till 6 pm in the evening with equal amount of energy and love for the game that was evidently visible amongst the players and the audience who cheered them frantically.

The next day of this exciting event saw even more fervour with our Chairman Shri Madhusudan Rao present, who was quite enthusiastically cheering the players along with the management members. The Chief Guest of the day Mr. Nihal Yadav encouraged the players with his motivating words.

The two-day event of Shooting Hoops concluded with DSE Banjara girls team winning the championship trophy amongst the girls under 16 categories while DSE Banjara boys team were adjudged as runners up in the under 16 boys’ category. The prize distribution ceremony by the Principal Ms. Veena Murthy marked glorious achievements and created thunderous applauds.

Ms. Amulya of grade 8 was conferred with the title of best upcoming player by the Chief Guest Mr. Nihal Yadav.

The two-day first Inter School Basket Ball Champion ship “SHOOTING HOOPS” came to an end on 29th October 2017 creating a golden letter day in the history of Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills with the Headmistress Ms. Anusuya proposing a humble vote of thanks.

IDF Grants Function - School Social Responsibility

Delhi School of Excellence Group of Institutions are a great support to social causes. Indian Development Foundation -IDF is a leading national NGO committed to health, education and rural development with which DSE is closely associated to seek a better India for tomorrow.

Shri Madhusudhan Rao, Chairman, Delhi School of Excellence, Hyderabad is an IDF Patron.

The Best Partner Award was presented to Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills at the IDF Grants Function. The award instituted by the Indian Development Foundation (IDF) is given to schools for excellence in social responsibility, health awareness programmes and mobilising voluntary resource.

The school bagged the award for its outstanding service in mobilising resources for TB and leprosy treatment for the 4th consecutive year.  Secretary and Administrator Ms.Rama Devi and Principal  DSE Banjara Hills Ms. Veena Murthy received the award from Dr. A.R.K. Pillai, Founder President, IDF, who also presided over the function. Ms. Sireesha a very promising teacher at DSE also received the award for motivating the students and achieving maximum contribution at school level.

Grades  VI & VII - Field Trip To Chowmahalla Palace

On 21st October 2017, students of grade 6 and 7 visited the Chowmahalla  Palace which is a part of our Heritage and has four palaces attached to form a great architectural space. This is a very old palace however; the upkeep of this palace is excellent. This palace is very big and has beautiful gardens with four to five fountains in the garden. It has swans in a pool and a variety of flowers that enhance the palace’s scenic beauty. Huge chandeliers add to the beauty of this palace which the students admired and collected information on its grandeur.

 There were maps of different places with many photographs captured by Asif Jaha 1st to 8 Nizam. The Nizam’s throne was kept as a precious heritage. The halls in the palace were full of paintings, crockery, crafts, weapons like swords, shields, amours, missiles and guns used during the Nizam’s reign. There were different size of pistols, revolvers, rifles and snipers’ rifle that were on display. It was a very informative trip which gave in depth insight about the reign of the Nizams during the different era.

Grades VIII, IX  & X - Field Trip to ISRO

A visit to NATIONAL REMOTE SENSING CENTRE for grades 8,9 &10 students was organized on 8th October 2017 as a part of ‘World Space week’ celebration.

A presentation was conducted for the students which explained the features of NRSC. The presentation included images from Indian and Foreign remote sensing satellites in its archives that also has the capability to acquire data pertaining to any part of the globe on demand.

Students were enlightened with BHUVAN, a software application which allows users to explore a 2D/3D representation of the surface of the earth and water resources on the Indian subcontinent.

The students enjoyed the trip and had a very good experiential learning.

Pre-primary ,Grades I & II - Field Trip to Zoo

Grades I & II - Celebrating the Spirit Of Togetherness

Pre-primary Diwali Celebrations 

Pre-primary Blue Day Celebrations 

Teachers Day Celebrations @ DSE Manikonda

Teachers Day Celebrations -2017-18

The Funtastic Five - Academic Fair

Let’s Explore the Cosmos…..

“Their minds are not built to sit and be taught,

They are built to Explore, Play and Learn”

The grade 1 and 2 students of Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills were thrilled to be a part of THE ‘FUN’TASTIC FIVE, academic fair conducted on 19th August, 2017, in the school premises. The theme of the fair was five elements of Nature – Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space. The fair was inaugurated by our esteemed Administrative Head Ms. Rama Devi.

Just like the integral and global nature is in harmony among all of its elements , we Deesians infuse all the five elements- Academic, Physical fitness, Life Skills, Art & Craft , Dance and Music amongst students for their holistic and comprehensive development.

Spectators were overwhelmed and amazed to watch children exhibiting various concepts related to five elements of nature with utmost confidence and poise. The expression mixed with innocence in the performance of the students enthralled the audience.

Students offered a plethora of items signifying the importance of all these five elements. Students demonstrated experiments explaining the properties of air. They also performed a skit showing the deadly impact of air pollution on our planet. Poem recitation on significance of water was immensely appreciated by the parents. Mime on Fire Safety and Nukkad Natak on the concept-‘ Paryavaran Bacaho, Khush-hal Jeevan Banao’ added spice to the entire event as well as a visual treat. The highlight of the event was display of Yoga Asanas signifying and enhancing the five elements present in human body. The amalgamation of History and Geography subjects through a skit which showcased the emergence and journey of holy Ganga was quite informative and engaging.

The event concluded with a finale dance depicting the importance of imbibing and balancing all the skills required for an over-all development of a child. The little master- minds enabled the audience to travel and experience the integration of Scholastic and Co- Scholastic in relation to their theme of THE ‘FUN’TASTIC FIVE.

Dseeians @ HMUN(Harvard Model United Nations 2017)

The students of Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills had an excellent opportunity to enhance their skills as well as present their ideas through the platform of HMUN session.  The 7th session of conference was held from 12th Aug to 15th Aug at Novotel, Hyderabad. The delegates from DSE were given the opportunity to present their views on behalf of Yemen country. 

Moving ahead each delegate had a particular committee to present with.  Peeran of grade X was appreciated for his efforts in putting forth his ideas.  The other delegates who participated were Shubhang  –X, Tanisha – X and Hassan – IX

Principal's Meet  2017-18

Independence Day Celebrations 2017-18

It was a red letter day in the history of India when the country got her freedom on August 15, 1947. It took hundreds of years to us to break shackles of slavery. People of the country celebrate this festival every year with great pomp and show. The main Programme is celebrated at the Red Fort in New Delhi. Besides this festival is also celebrated in every city and town, in schools, colleges and universities.

Delhi School of Excellence also celebrates this festival every year. For this year we had made all the preparations. In the morning our school saw a vivid expression of the tricolour everywhere. Ms. Shilpa Ravi Maam was the Chief Guest of the day. She hoisted the national flag on the school building. All the students and teachers saluted the flag and then sang the National Anthem.

The Principal Ms. Veena Murthy addressed the gathering with her inspirational speech which motivated the students. Then followed the Cultural Programme. Patriotic speech by the head girl Ms.Mehuli followed by the dances were the highlights of the programme. The Nukkad Natak on road safety was a silver lining to the whole programme. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Sowmya Pranavi of grade 8B.

Campaign for a cause -School Social Responsibility  2017-18  

On Sunday morning Delhi School of Excellence saw enthusiastic children and teachers all set for a procession to say NO TO DRUGS at Necklace Road. It was an effort to create awareness about the ill effects of drug abuse. Amongst the many schools that participated DSE Banjara had great banners to support the cause. Apart from students citizens of Hyderabad also participated in the event. The youth of Delhi School of Excellence Banjara vowed to create a better society and empower the youth.

Inter DSE Literary Fest (LIT-O-FEST)  2017-18  

Pre-primary - Family Bonanza 2017-18  

Pre-primary Green day Celebrations  2017-18

Imagination to Innovation (Academic Fair - Grades III-V)

Imagination to Innovation an academic fair for grades III to V was held spreading grandeur of jubilance on the 15th of July showcasing the talents displayed by the children. The show was creatively presented with experiential learning outcomes.

The guest of honor Ma’am Shilpa Ravi inaugurated the fair. Inspiring and encouraging students were also present Rama Ma’am, Shashi Ma’am and Veena Ma’am. The system at Delhi School of Excellence feels that the applications and experiences gained through participation in academic fairs are very important to the educational development of students. By participating in academic fairs, students can not only gain knowledge and new skills, but extend the educational experiences of the classroom.

There was beeline of parents admiring the show and encouraging students wholeheartedly on their efforts. This was a stage for the students, teachers, parents and all others to work as a team.

It was three days of intensive, back to back interactions and information-sharing which prepared the children well. It was a launch pad for many students to aspire their dreams. The fair ended with a lot of valuable sharing and learning making it a happening event !

 Bastille Day -2017-18

National  Paper Day -2017-18

A special assembly was conducted on the occasion of International Paper Bag Day on July 12th to demonstrate the usage of paper bags and recycle papers to produce artifacts.

The students conveyed the message that there is a need to protect the natural resources and highlighted the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle paper.

An interactive quiz on paper was conducted providing an insight to the students on the various aspects of paper.

The students also created awareness about the WOW (Wellness Out Of Waste) programme initiated by ITC and GHMC.

The assembly concluded with the thought of popularizing paper bags instead of Plastic bags

Pre-primary Mud day Celebrations -2017-18

To play is the highest expression of human development in childhood and what better way can it be to play in mud which actually develops sensory stimulations and builds immunity.

  Today the tiny tots of pre-primary , Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills ,celebrated mud day with lots of ardour. They squiggled in the mud pool with avidity. The splashing activity ‘Hit the Pig ’ and  ‘Scooping the Mud ’ made kids go fanatical . They indulged themselves in creating models of different animals using their imagination with the pots of clay . Even making Hand Prints on the paper gave them a feel of leaving a mark on time .


Investiture Ceremony- 2017-18

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams.

On the fine morning of July 6th, 2017, deserving young talents of Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their School from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence.

The school held the Investiture Ceremony with great enthusiasm. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic year. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of leaders and a sense of responsibility the new “Prefectorial Body” is formed every year at Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills.

The event began at 10 am. Ms. Chandana Chakrobarthy was the Chief Guest. The chairman Sri P. Madusudan Rao, Ms. Shilpa Ravi-Vice Chairman, Ms.Rama-Devi Secretary and Administrator, Ms. Reshmi Shenoy- Administrator Attapur, and Ms.Sashikala-Academic Director for the group of DSE Schools were the guest of honour. The Principals of our group schools Mr. Augustine and Ms.Hemalatha along with Headmistresses of Attapur and Manikonda branch were also present to grace the occasion.

The function was presided over by the Principal Ms. Veena Murthy. In her speech she encouraged the students to be committed to important issues and to always remember that leadership comes with integrity.The tiny tots stole the show by enacting as great world leaders. The musical lyric, the energized drill show, and the swaying dance were the attractions of the event.

The Principal Ms. Veena Murthy administered the oath to the new Head Boy Ibrahim Yousufuddin and the new Head Girl Ms. Mehuli Das. This was followed by the house captains and house prefects taking oath of office. The Chief Guest pinned the badge to the Prefects and the Principal handed over the flag to them.

In her address, the Chief Guest Chandana Chakraborthy appreciated the efforts by the school for providing opportunities to the students. She also congratulated the newly appointed Prefects.

The newly inducted NIE reporter Anvita proposed the Vote of thanks. She thanked the Chief Guest for her encouraging words and also one and all for making this event a remarkable success. The ceremony concluded with the singing of the National Anthem and the official photograph.

Parent Orientation- Grades III & IV- 2017-18

Preprimary - EID Celebrations - 2017-18

The ‘Sweet Festival’ has its own ineffable joys. Desean's in Pre-primary Banjara Hills celebrated  ‘EID PARTY’ with lots of fervor and emotions. They greeted by hugging each other and wishing good luck after a small prayer.Different stalls of bangles, mehndi, garments and fruits were setup to make the kids aware of this festivity. Everybody enjoyed the sumptuous sheerkorma, sweets and other delicacies being served. Teachers enacted a roleplay. ‘Act of Kindness’ to make children understand the joy of sharing. The little kids in traditional attire added to the vibrance and the aromatic decor.

EID Celebrations - Special Urdu Assembly 2017-18