Happenings 17-18

HASTA LA VISTA - Farewell  - 2017-18

EFFERVESCENCE - National Science Day Celebrations

National Science Day- ‘EFFERVESCENCE’ was showcased in Delhi School of Excellence on February 9th, 2018. This expanded the territory of scientific excellence amongst students of DSE. More than 40 enthusiastic aspirants participated in the science fair showcasing their models and exhibits from various domains of science.

The exhibits spanned from being ‘Cautious with Microbes to Playing with science of Robotics’; ‘Use of Alternate Sources of Energy to Principles behind Aerodynamics’.

EFFERVESCENCE reached its pinnacle of success under the able guidance and motivation of our leading light Ms Anasuya, Head of the Department of Science. The fair has laid a foundation to not only hone the student’s communication skills but also help polish their skills in technology, taking a step forward towards their all round development.

Dental Check Up@little Smile Mobile Dental Hospital 

Hawaiian Luau - Grades I & II

Hawaiian Luau, an evening party was arranged for the students of Grade 1 and 2 on 3rd February , 2018. Children came colorfully dressed for the party. The beautiful and colorful décor gave a perfect ambience for the theme party. They were welcomed with floral garlands, peppy music and wishing Aloha . They were offered orange juice as the welcome drink. The party started on time and many entertaining programmes were planned for them. Children were startled by the puppet show presented by the teachers followed by magic show, Hindi skit, and ramp walk and at last camp fire, which made them swing to the Hawaiian tunes.
The children enjoyed the tropical extravaganza to the fullest. Few selected students walked down the ramp. They were crowned master Hawaiian Luau and Miss Hawaiian Luau by the Director Ma’am and the Secretary Ma’am for the confidence exhibited by them. Children relished the noodles and smileys served to them. It was a rocking show and was appreciated for the great efforts made by teachers. It was a grand success. Hip Hip Hurray!

A tribute to the Martyr's - Martyr's Day

30th January is observed as Martyr’s Day. Students of Delhi School of Excellence spoke on the occasion about why Martyr’s Day is observed. They explained, with mention of the facets of the teachings of Gandhiji, in essence they introduced the audience to what Bapu stood for. The students of grade V presented a mime based on soldier Hanumanthappa’s sacrifice. The experience gave them an opportunity for reinforcing confidence and self esteem. Later grade 3 students presented a short role play on the teachings of Gandhiji emphasizing on values-Speak Truth, Do not hear of evil, and do not see evil. Each child delivered his or her role that enthralled the spectators with their realistic performances.
Finally Ms.Sabita addressed the students on the importance of Martyr’s day and the role of students in safeguarding the nation. The assembly concluded with everyone standing to attention for the National Anthem.



India’s 69th Republic Day was celebrated today with great reverence in Delhi School of Excellence campus. The tricolour backdrop created an atmosphere of Patriotism in the school. The day began by welcoming the Chief Guest Madame Rama Devi, Secretary and Administrator, DSE Group Schools and the Guest of Honour who were citizens of Canada.
The Flag Ceremony unfurled by Madame Rama Devi brought in an air of patriotism in the arena. The rhythmic beat of National anthem inspiring all the students to take the salute was a sight of committed National pride.
The event began by students rendering inspirational stories and reiterating the need for being resolute in our path to achieve our goals. The theme of this day’s celebration was Skill India. The theme aptly encouraged the importance of imbibing hands on experience with knowledge.
The cultural programme included Telugu patriotic song, mime, and a street play which called for the enhancement of acquiring skills for a complete living. Our revered Principal Madame Veena Murthy gave an insight on Nation’s achievement, emphasizing the sovereignty of the country and advised students to look ahead to a bright future for our country, India which has flourished despite adversities to rise victorious. The programme came to end with a vote of thanks proposed by Nuha of grade 7.
Hail India! Hail our motherland! Jai Hind!



“A healthy mind in a healthy body”
Verve 2 – a fun filled sports event drew inspiration from its theme. This event saw the children of grade 1 and 2 enjoying a series of games which taught them to be adaptable, process emotions, laugh and have fun together.
The children were divided into six colourful teams. Exciting and energetic names were given to each team representing a colour with a motto.
Purple Panthers - Focus & Energy
Grey Gliders - Control & Stability
White Warriors - Self Belief & Achievement
Pink Pandas - Health & Happiness
Orange Orions - Joy & Enthusiasm
Black Battlers - Freedom & Empowerment
The sports events kicked off with a vibrant march past by the six teams. The children were enthralled to greet Moxie – the mascot for Verve – 2. After the exciting start the various events lined up for the day quickly progressed. The students were enchanted and enjoyed a colourful display of a series of games organized for them like Tunnel Ball Relay, Hoola Hoop, Basket Ball, Kabaddi, Tug – of – War. The events ended with the most energetic and cheered Water Zone where all the members of the team passed a glass of water trying not to spill it. They exhibited good team spirit and co – ordination while playing this game. Overall best performance in all the events was awarded and was completed with a photo session



"Yellow is the perceived color of sunshine. It is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy". Marcia Moses 

The Yellow Color Day celebration started off with all the tiny tots walking in their brightest and prettiest outfits. The children showcased their favorite yellow colored toy and spoke jubilantly stating their fondness towards their dear toy. The children also enjoyed doing different activities and reciting rhymes fervently to express their love for yellow color.

They also engaged themselves in activities which included making a tall and yellow giraffe by Nursery students, a Smiley card by Lower Kindergartens and a shining Sunflower by the Upper Kindergarten. The day concluded with the children bringing out the real meaning of the color YELLOW by exploring with joy. 

As Artistic and Visual Learners, children were able to observe the many different shades of Yellow color, the shining and blending of color and mixing and matching of yellow color with other colors.

They also learnt the importance and significance of yellow color by understanding- Why school buses are yellow in color? What is to be done when the traffic signal turns yellow? How the sun becomes yellow in color by noon?

They were also happy to learn that yellow always symbolizes happiness and smiles.

 "In the world of safe hues, like black, red and white, yellow shouts: "Look at me. I'm happy!"" 


TRIUMPH a unique play way method of instilling life skills was organized on 19th of January 2018.Children learn by playing, and that is what we at Triumph did by aiding children’s learning, introducing them to a world of fun, educational games that teach them how to better get along with others, respect other people’s differences, and understand the importance of teamwork.

Life skill brain boosters were designed for grade 3, 4 & 5 kids which helped them learn basic life skills they might not already know, or help them to improve upon and reinforce those skills they are just learning, or have recently learned.

It’s important to teach children life skills, no matter what their age is. In fact, it's one of the best ways to prepare them for life. Teaching practical life skills and philosophies are important parts of developing our children into well rounded and happy adults. The team Triumph played an important role achieving the desired results which were immensely incredible!


SOPHROSYNE - A Marvelous Sports Display 

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills celebrated SOPHROSYNE the Second sports Day 2017-18 at GMC Balayogi Athletic Stadium, Gachibowli, on 16thDecember 2017.Health and happiness engulfed the arena promoting a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation and a deep awareness of one’s true self resulting in total happiness. The ambience connected to the theme Sophrosyne so well that the essence of the tagline ‘Healthy is the new Happy’ sparkled in the undercurrent. The impressive parent partners and the fusion of the pleasant weather were the perfect augment for the participants. The Chief Guest Sri K.Vijay Kumar Dueskar (Ret.DIG), and the Guest of Honour Sri R Venkat Rao - Chairman Loyola Group, Delhi School of Excellence Group Chairman Sri P. Madhusudan Rao, Vice Chairperson Ms. Shilpa Ravi, Secretary Ms.Rama Devi, Academic Director Ms.Sashikala, Administrator Ms.Reshmi Shenoy and other dignitaries graced the occasion.The programme began with the DSE Banjara Beatles rendering the prayer song followed by a classical cum dribbling movements of basketball dance to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. The Headmistress Ms. Anusuya introduced the Chief Guest and the guest of honor to the august gathering. This was followed by the unveiling of the mascot of the sports spectrum-Sophrosyne by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries. A symbol of well-being, full of life, emitting rays of the morning sun was the mascot – VIVAAN, reminding everyone that life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experience to enjoy. Sophrosyne – the sports meet was declared open by the Chief Guest, followed by the lighting of torch for the day’s events to roll on, spreading vigor and vibrancy.Then the drumbeat rolled, the band struck, and a high pitch voice issued a command. The synchronized swing of arms and the thudding sound of feet stirred something within all. The March past by the four houses inexplicably inspired each one of the spectators. The Principal, Ms. Veena Murthy presented the school report accompanied by the Head Boy Ibrahim Yousufuddin and the Head Girl Mehuli Das. The academic performance achievement along with the new initiatives of the academic year 2017-2018 were proudly shared with the audience. CHOS the unique music therapy introduced at school was proudly announced stating the benefits of the programme. Next, the students of Grade X were felicitated with medals for being the Best Orator to Peeran Quadri, Best Sportsperson to P.Anvitha and the Best Outgoing Student to Mehuli Das. The trophies were also given to the Best House in March Past which was bagged by the Spartans House, mentored by Ms. Sunita Pandey. The Chief guest felicitated the House captain Kulsum Ansari, the Vice Captain Shaik Mohd. Hassan and the Junior House Captain Arush Agarwal with the prestigious trophy. This followed with the release of Sanjeevani and Aranyani-News letters of Science and Social Science by the Chief guest. The HOD Science Ms. Anusuya and HOD Social Science Ms. Sharada were commended for their initiatives to enable the launch of the Newsletters.

The Chief Guest Sri. Vijay K Dueskar (Ret. DIG) addressed the gathering andmotivated the DeeSians for putting up a great show and appreciated the students for their team work. Just after the Chief Guest’s address, began the most awaited moment of Sophrosone, the enchanting display of students creating an aura of health and happiness by the various field display. The rhythmic sound with stomping feet and swaying movements echoed the arena of Sophrosyne. The ‘Indelible Imprints’ of Pre-Primary Segment took the audience through the journey of happy childhood. They represented the animated cartoon characters and spread the message of health and happiness. The students of grade 1 & 2 showcased ‘Blissful Nature’ that gave an insight of how natural settings become an avenue for happiness. Displaying the techniques of self-defence, agility and flexibility were the ‘Power Rangers’ the students of Taekwondo and Gymnastics from different classes who reminded the spectators about the necessity of martial arts in the present day sedentary lifestyle. The ‘Sparkling Divas’, the girls from grades VI-X exhibited the beauty imbibed in physical fitness by performing methodical physical exercises.

The students from grades III-V who presented Zumba spread health and happiness  and left the audience swaying and foot tapping aptly showcasing that they were the ‘Reboosters’

The ‘Kingly Knights’, boys from VI-VIII grades proved that physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body but is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.  Energy displayed in the form of passion was the ‘Wild Rippers’, boys of IX & X graders who moved the audience with their powerful performance on a desi number.

The displays were mingled by the track events that included races for the Pre-primary, Primary, Middle Schools and Senior School which were held for both  boys and girls. The event saw exhilarating applaud and fierce competition creating great records by the athletes.

The ‘Beatles of DSE’, presented a live band playing the melody ‘Heal the World’ and created a feel for everyone to promise themselves that they would nurture and create a climate for their mind as well as body and let the energies come, go and flow towards positivity to maintain the internal peace and harmony.

The ‘Spectacular Canvas’, elucidated the arrival of grand finale creating bounty of happiness in the arena.

The Samurais were adjudged as the overall Best House. The Chief Guest felicitated the House Mentor Ms. B. Pratyusha, the House Captain Manognya, the Vice Captain Azka and the Junior House Captain Ashrish. The arena witnessed a thunderous applaud at the moment cheering all.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms.Latha Vydianathan acknowledging the  tireless efforts of all those in making Sophrosyne a remarkable and a memorable one, with memories to cherish.

The Closing Ceremony commenced with the lowering of the School flag, whichwas handed over to the Principal after a slow march, by the school prefects. The meet was declared closed by the Chief Guest Sri K.Vijay Kumar Dueskar. Sophrosyne came to an end with a tribute to nation by rendering the National Anthem.

The glowing warmth of Sophrosyne spread the pride of Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills and a page of history was created leading the destination forward for now and ever!

Sankranthi Celebrations-2017-18

Christmas Celebrations Nursery - Grade II- 2017-18

The Pre-Primary students of Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, celebrated the spirit of Christmas with great zeal and enthusiasm on 22nd December 2017. These children dressed up attractively in different shades of red which filled the premise with the air of festivity. The classrooms were beautifully decorated with bright and colourful bells, stockings, stars and the handmade Christmas tree with snowflakes and balls.
The day was also celebrated as ‘Red Day’ to familiarize the children with red colour. Teachers who were dressed in red along with the students made sure that they apply the gained knowledge into practice through various activities. Kindergarten students made stunning lady-bugs and Santa caps with paper.
A skit by the students of PP-II on the birth of Jesus- ‘The Son of God’ was the highlight of the celebration. The festivity included Christmas carols, dance and delicious treats. Little Santa too made a grand entry and joined the celebration nd distributed gifts to the students. Children had a great time participating in the activities and playing with Santa. To instill the sentiments of giving and sharing filled with hope, peace, joy and love, children exchanged gifts amongst themselves.
During the morning assembly Santa greeted everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and wished everyone with success in their future endeavors. The tiny tots looked forward for Santa and had a gala time and memories to carry home.

Children' s Day Bonne Fete Celebrations - Grades I -X - 2017-18

Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, organized its second annual funfair on 14 th November, 2016 on the occasion of Children’s Day. Its theme was ‘Bonne Fete’. The main objective of the fete was to raise fund for poor and needy children. It reinforced the idea of sharing and caring towards the downtrodden among the students. The whole campus was filled with laughter and gaiety.
Mehuli Das, The Head Girl and Ibrahim Yousufuddin, The Head Boy along with Principal Ms. Veena Murthy inaugurated the event. The Vice Chair Person Ms Shilpa Ravi accompanied by Administrative Head Ms. Rama Devi graced the occasion and admired the products designed and prepared by the teachers under the supervision of the management. Teachers belonging to different departments set up the stalls and displayed their own products. There was plethora of food stalls which served mouthwatering delicacies. Exciting games were conducted and many attractive prizes were given to the lucky winners. The students enjoyed various activities at the fete. However, Scary House, Jukebox and The Dance Floor added an extraordinary flavor of enthusiasm to the fun fair. It helped the children to come out of dreary routines and have fun with friends and class fellows. The stalls were decorated with colorful banners, festoons splashed with eye-catching advertisements. The creative corner came up with beautiful handmade jewelry, mehndi, nail art and innovative hairdos. Inflatable climbing ball captured the attention of the tiny tots. It was three hours of gala event which uplifted every heart with bliss and delight. The fete ended with a lot of valuable sharing and learning making it a happening occasion!

Pre-primary Children' s Day Celebrations

A busy and an exciting weekend saw Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills hosting the first ever inter school basketball championship the “SHOOTING HOOPS” on 28th October 2017. With 13 schools competing hard for the precious rolling trophy the entire school campus was filled with energy, enthusiasm and exhilaration.
The opening day ceremony was flagged off with great pomp and cheer by the Chief Guest of the day Mr. Salla Prasad. The members of the management were also present to cheer up the players through the event. The Vice Chairperson Ms.Shilpa Ravi encouraged the students and stated that “trying” was always more important than success. Her words spread a lot of hope and encouragement amongst the players. The invocation dance and the colourful balloons added a lot of cheer and excitement to the event.
It was great to see such enthusiasm for the sport amongst all the players through hard work and team training practices that the entire campus had a real festive look with bubbling energy spread all over.
The matches between the various schools went on till 6 pm in the evening with equal amount of energy and love for the game that was evidently visible amongst the players and the audience who cheered them frantically.
The next day of this exciting event saw even more fervour with our Chairman Shri Madhusudan Rao present, who was quite enthusiastically cheering the players along with the management members. The Chief Guest of the day Mr. Nihal Yadav encouraged the players with his motivating words.
The two-day event of Shooting Hoops concluded with DSE Banjara girls team winning the championship trophy amongst the girls under 16 categories while DSE Banjara boys team were adjudged as runners up in the under 16 boys’ category. The prize distribution ceremony by the Principal Ms. Veena Murthy marked glorious achievements and created thunderous applauds.
Ms. Amulya of grade 8 was conferred with the title of best upcoming player by the Chief Guest Mr. Nihal Yadav.
The two-day first Inter School Basket Ball Champion ship “SHOOTING HOOPS” came to an end on 29th October 2017 creating a golden letter day in the history of Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills with the Headmistress Ms. Anusuya proposing a humble vote of thanks.

IDF Grants Function - School Social Responsibility

Delhi School of Excellence Group of Institutions are a great support to social causes. Indian Development Foundation -IDF is a leading national NGO committed to health, education and rural development with which DSE is closely associated to seek a better India for tomorrow.
Shri Madhusudhan Rao, Chairman, Delhi School of Excellence, Hyderabad is an IDF Patron.
The Best Partner Award was presented to Delhi School of Excellence Banjara Hills at the IDF Grants Function. The award instituted by the Indian Development Foundation (IDF) is given to schools for excellence in social responsibility, health awareness programmes and mobilising voluntary resource.
The school bagged the award for its outstanding service in mobilising resources for TB and leprosy treatment for the 4th consecutive year. Secretary and Administrator Ms.Rama Devi and Principal DSE Banjara Hills Ms. Veena Murthy received the award from Dr. A.R.K. Pillai, Founder President, IDF, who also presided over the function. Ms. Sireesha a very promising teacher at DSE also received the award for motivating the students and achieving maximum contribution at school level.

Grades VI & VII - Field Trip To Chowmahalla Palace

On 21st October 2017, students of grade 6 and 7 visited the Chowmahalla Palace which is a part of our Heritage and has four palaces attached to form a great architectural space. This is a very old palace however; the upkeep of this palace is excellent. This palace is very big and has beautiful gardens with four to five fountains in the garden. It has swans in a pool and a variety of flowers that enhance the palace’s scenic beauty. Huge chandeliers add to the beauty of this palace which the students admired and collected information on its grandeur.
There were maps of different places with many photographs captured by Asif Jaha 1st to 8 Nizam. The Nizam’s throne was kept as a precious heritage. The halls in the palace were full of paintings, crockery, crafts, weapons like swords, shields, amours, missiles and guns used during the Nizam’s reign. There were different size of pistols, revolvers, rifles and snipers’ rifle that were on display. It was a very informative trip which gave in depth insight about the reign of the Nizams during the different era.

Grades VIII, IX & X - Field Trip to ISRO

A visit to NATIONAL REMOTE SENSING CENTRE for grades 8,9 &10 students was organized on 8th October 2017 as a part of ‘World Space week’ celebration.
A presentation was conducted for the students which explained the features of NRSC. The presentation included images from Indian and Foreign remote sensing satellites in its archives that also has the capability to acquire data pertaining to any part of the globe on demand.
Students were enlightened with BHUVAN, a software application which allows users to explore a 2D/3D representation of the surface of the earth and water resources on the Indian subcontinent.
The students enjoyed the trip and had a very good experiential learning.

Pre-primary ,Grades I & II - Field Trip to Zoo

Grades I & II - Celebrating the Spirit Of Togetherness