Grade VIII -Open House

Grade VIII -Open House

On the 13th of July, students of 8th grade, organized open house for parents.. In this they demonstrated a presentation on the topics from each of the subjects they learned.  They followed the methodology used by the teachers while dealing with these topics in the class. The students were guided under the supervision of their respective subject teachers. Through this presentation, their concentration level, speaking skills and personality development was enhanced.. The topics covered for each subjects are as follows:-

Social Science- Fundamental Rights

English – Creative story writing skills

Science – Cell: structure and Functions

Urdu – Debating skills and grammar

Telugu – Reading skills and grammar

Math – Linear Equations

Hindi – Laakh ki Chudiyaan, Grammar: Upsarg and Pratyay

Over all, the performance was indeed well appreciated by the parents. The presentation gave the picture of learning and teaching methods followed in DSE Banjara hills.