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Creation is the best satisfaction.  It instils in us a sense of self worth, boosts ones confidence and gives the mind food for thought.  This space  is for the students and by the students. Here, the creative skills of DSeeians are displayed. At DSE , we believe that art, dance, music, sports, public speaking, quiz are some of the many ways to supplement learning within and outside classroom.  Every child is unique and needs to be nurtured so as to grow up with  not only a broad mind but also a broad smile.

Student’s Creativity @Mask Making

Experiential learning

Experiential learning@ISB

On the 6th of July, 2018 a trip to ISB was organized. Students of grade 9 & 10 formed a team to see the beautiful campus of ISB(Indian School of Business). As soon as we entered the campus we were greeted by lush greenery and the chirping of birds. The massive structure was very impressive and had four towers. The instructor there told us that the architecture of the building was similar to Charminar. The canteen of the school was as big as the food court in inorbit. The four towers at ISB represent the four student village, which is the hostel for students. These four towers are on the four corners of the campus and are equidistant from each other. Just like the small temple in between the four towers in Charminar, right in the center of the campus lies the library which according to them is the temple of learning. Students of 25-45 years of age come to study here. Each village has an open party lounge and a Holi pool (for playing the festival Holi). In between the villages there were vast stretches of forests, which give shelter to peacocks, a variety of birds and 250 varieties of snakes. This institute was started in 1999. The overall campus covers an area of 260 acres. They have their very own three star hotel, consisting of 100 rooms. Out of the total area of the campus, 50 acres is filled with lovely landscape. The library is as huge as it can get and has a beautiful collection of books. To study in ISB one must clear GMAT with a score above 700 and then attend an interview. A fee of 30 lakh per annum is required to be paid for this course. The student must stay on the campus for one complete year during the course. The students study from Monday to Thursday and get an off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During their course in ISB the students deal with a lot of pressure and stress, but once they complete the PGDM program from ISB the industry absorbs them giving a huge pay packet. The trip was very informative and we enjoyed it thoroughly.



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