DSE Circulars

Circulars issued in Academic Year 17-18

Circular No:PC/76/17- Grades VI-X- Sports Day Costume Guidelines

Circular No:PC/75/17- Grades III-V- Sports Day Costume Guidelines

Circular No:PC/74/17- Grades I & II – Sports Day Costume Guidelines

Circular No:PC/73/17- Preprimary – Sports Day Costume Guidelines

Circular No:PC/72/17- Nursery -Grade X – General Instructions for Sports Day

Circular No:PC/71/17-Grade X – Pre-board I Schedule

Circular No:PC/70/17- Nursery -Grade X -PTM Guidelines

Circular No:PC/69/17- International Spell Bee – Round 2 Guidelines

Circular No:PC/68/17- Nursery -PPII – Races Guidelines

Circular No:PC/67/17-Nursery-Grade X- Revised Holiday Schedule and Sports Day Guidelines

Circular No:PC/66/17-Grades I & II-Field Trip Guidelines

Circular No:PC/65/17-Nursery-PPII -Field Trip and Inter House Competition Guidelines

Circular No:PC/64/17-Grades VII-X – Picnic Guidelines

Circular No:PC/63/17-Grade I & II- Sports Day Guidelines

Circular No:PC/62/17-Grade II- Sakshi Spell Bee Quarter Final Round Guidelines

Circular No:PC/61/17-Grade II-Spell Bee Competition Guidelines

Circular No:PC/60/17-Grade I-Spell Bee Competition Guidelines

Circular No:PC/59/17-Grades I-X-Sports Day Guidelines

Circular No:PC/58/17-Nursery-PPII-Children’s Day Guidelines

Circular No:PC/57/17-Nursery-Grade X – Sports Day Guidelines

Circular No:PC/56/17-Grade I&II-Inter House Competition Guidelines

Circular No:PC/55/17 – Grade X – Examination Fees Guidelines

Circular No:PC/54/17 – Nursery-Grade X – New Initiatives

Circular No:PC/53/17 – Nursery-PP II – Fancy Dress Competition

Circular No:PC/052/17 – Grades III-X-PT2 Schedule and Portions


Circular No:PC/051/17 – Grades I&II-Diwali Celebrations

Circular No:PC/050/17 – Nursery-Grade X-School Transport Guidelines

Circular No:PC/049/17 – Nursery-PPII-Diwali Celebrations

Circular No:PC/048/17 – Grades II -X-Sakshi SpellBee Preliminary Round Guidelines

Circular No:PC/047/17 – Grade IX – CBSE Registration

Circular No:PC/046/17 – Grades I & II- InterHouse Story Telling Competition

Circular No:PC/045/17 – I – X – Vacation Guidelines

Circular No:PC/044/17 – Nursery – PPII – Term II Guidelines

Circular No:PC/043/17 – Nursery – X – Sakshi India Spell Bee Competition Guidelines

Circular No: PC/042/17 – Grades I & II – Vacation Guidelines

Circular No: PC/041/17 – Nursery – PPII -Open House Guidelines

Circular No: PC/040/17 – Dussehra Vacation Guidelines


Circular No: PC/039/17 – Pre Primary blue color day, Open House, Inter House Poem Recitation Competition

Circular No: PC/038/17 – PMT, Dusshera Vacation

Circular No: PC/037/17 – Grades I-IV-Field Trip to KBR Park

Circular No: PC/036/17 – Grades III-X – Half Yearly Schedule and Portion

Circular No: PC/035/17 – Grades VI-X – NGO Training Session


Circular No: PC/034/17 -Nursery- Grade X – WOW -School Social Responsibility

Circular No: PC/033/17 -Grades I & II – Fancy Dress competition Guidelines

Circular No: PC/032/17 -Grades I& II – Academic Fair Guidelines

Circular No: PC/031/17 -Nursery- PPII – Field Trip to KBR Park

Circular No: PC/030/17 – Grades I & II – Academic Fair Guidelines

Circular No: PC/029/17 – Nursery-X – Rubella Vaccine Guidelines

Circular No: PC/028/17 – Nursery -X – PTM Guidelines

Circular No: PC/027/17 – Grades I & II – Academic Fair Guidelines

Circular No: PC/026/17 – Grades I – X – IDF Guidelines

Circular No: PC/025/17 – Nursery -PPII -Inter House Competitions Information

Circular No: PC/024/17 – Grades PP II – Holiday Information and Grade I & II – DIY Computers Schedule

Circular No: PC/023/17 – Grades Nursery – PP II – Family Bonanza Guidelines

Circular No: PC/022/17 – Grades VI – X – Tour Guidelines

Circular No: PC/021/17 – Nursery -PPII – Green Colour Day


Circular No: PC/020/17 – Nursery – X – Attendee Card Guidelines

Circular No: PC/019/17 – Grades III – V – Academic Fair Guidelines

Circular No: PC/018/17 – Grades VI – VIII – Asset Examination Guidelines

Circular No: PC/018/17 – Grades II -V & IX-X – SOF Guidelines

Circular No: PC/017/17 – Nursery – Grade X – PTM Guidelines

Circular No: PC/016/17 – Grade II – DIY I Portion

Circular No: PC/016/17 – Grade I – DIY I Portion

Circular No: PC/015/17 – Grades VI-X – Tour Guidelines

Circular No: PC/014/17 – Nursery-PPII – Mud Day Celebrations

Circular No: PC/013/17 – Grades I-X – Investiture Ceremony Guidelines

Circular No: PC/012/17 – Grades – III- X – Revised Periodic Test 1 Schedule

Circular No: PC/011/17 – Grades Nursery-PPII – EID Celebrations

Circular No: PC/010/17 – Grades Nursery-PPII – Monsoon Celebrations

Circular No: PC/009/17 – Grades Nursery-PPII – Guidelines 2017-18


Circular No: PC/008/17 – Grades Nursery-VIII – Guidelines 2017-18

Circular No: PC/007/17 – Grades V-VI – III Language


Circular No: PC/006/17 – Grades IX-X – Orientation Programme

Circular No: PC/004/17 – Grades IX-X – Holiday Homework Information

Circular No: PC/004/17 – Grades III -VIII – Holiday Homework Information

Circular No: PC/004/17 – Nursery-PP II – Holiday Homework Information

Circular No: PC/003/17 – Nursery-PP II – Trip to GVK Mall

Circular No: PC/002/17 – Nursery-VIII- PTM Guidelines

Circular No: PC/001/17 – Grade I-X – April guidelines