Academic Orientation - Grades V-VIII

Academic Orientation - Grades V-VIII

The orientation for the parents of students of Grade V to VIII was held on 15th June, 2019, in Delhi School of Excellence, Banjara Hills, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

The orientation program was initiated by the Principal, Ms. Veena Murthy. She apprised the parents about the hierarchy to be maintained while approaching the school to resolve any issue – the HRT is to be contacted first, then the Head Mistress, Ms. Anasuya and lastly the Principal herself. The Coodinator for Grades V to VIII, Ms. Anasuya, introduced the core team comprising the Chairman, Mr.  P. Madhusudan Rao; the Vice Chairperson, Ms. Shilpa; the Secretary, Ms. Rama Devi; the Academic Director, Ms. Shashi Brahmandam; the Principal, Ms. Veena Murthy; and lastly, the Head Mistress herself, Ms. Anasuya.

Ms. Anasuya informed the parents about the excellent performance of the students of DSE in the board exams and highlighted the achievements of the toppers. She also gave detailed information regarding assessment pattern followed by the grades upwards of Grade V which differs from the lower grades, marks allotted, textual evaluation for Terms I and II for the students of Grades V to VIII, the test schedule, the administering of all the tests only once; coscholastic activities, sports and club activities, essential agreements, parents’ responsibility to regularly check WTR, Class Diary, Parent App, Almanac and attending the PTMs.

Ms. Anasuya also brought to the fore issues faced by adolescents, the restrictions that need to be placed on students – especially Grade VIII students since they are in the high school – about the use of electronic gadgets and unrestricted and unregulated use of the internet, Facebook and Whatsapp. Ms. Veena Murthy assured the parents of complete cooperation from the school and answered queries of parents. 

Ms. Shivani from the organization Young Minds is conducting a program called Masoom in collaboration with DSE in keeping with the policy of safety for students by DSE. She highlighted the need for students to be made aware of abuse both outside and within homes; threat from strangers through unrestricted and unregulated use of the internet and the need for parents to be alert to the activities of their children both inside and outside house.